Sewing Christmas Presents: Quilted Pillows

Merry Christmas!!  Over the past couple years I've chosen not to sew any Christmas presents, as I inevitably procrastinate and then stress out over not getting things done on time.  Even if my blog doesn't show it (holy shit do I have a backlog of things to post) I've had a really productive year of sewing mostly for myself, and I've kind of rekindled a joy of quilting.  SO, I figured it was time to make some gifts for my family this year.  Also, I figured it might make up for me not actually being there on Christmas ;)

Anyways!  I have had my eye on the Dogs in Sweaters pattern since we have a few (past & present) weiner dogs in the family.  From there, I figured I could make animal-themed pillows for everyone.  Weiner dogs for my sister and grandparents, elephants (dints!) for my brother & his girlfriend, and some birds for my parents.

For each of the pillows I used the following patterns:
Click through for details pictures of each! [...]


Two Emmas & Two Wedding Quilts

Okay, okay... I do enjoy some quilting from time to time.  Although garment making is definitely my first love, I started my sewing adventure learning how to quilt.  I went through a phase where I HATED quilting once I started sewing clothing, but I've learned to slow down and really enjoy the process.  Using larger blocks also helps!

Matt and I were invited to two weddings this September, two weekends back-to-back, each for our respective friends named Emma!  Depending on the time I have before a wedding, I do occasionally like to make a quilt as a gift.  Especially when I know the couple will really enjoy the end product.  I had two 10"-square packs of different fabrics I had bought earlier in the year anticipating these weddings, so sewing these together didn't take terribly long and I really love the look of the finished quilts.



Rollerskate Carolyn PJ's

Well, well, long time no blog!  Holy cats I've been busy over the past couple months.  Between August and Thanksgiving I was only home for 2 weekends... so not much time for sewing or blogging!  Camping, weddings, and family get-togethers all crammed in at the same time.  I've also been busy working on getting the Ottawa Garment Guild going, and we've now got a great little Executive Committee working together to get organized for meetings starting in the new year.  

I sewed up these PJ's (using the Closet Case Carolyn Pajamas pattern) in August just in time for Camp Roller Derby.  It's a summer camp for people who are part of the roller derby community, and I just neeeeeded to get these done in time.  Now, I haven't really been on my skates much over the past 6 months thanks to a knee injury and crazy busy weekends, but I'm getting back into it this winter, armed with some great physio exercises for my knee and (finally) some free time.



Grey & Silver Dot Kalle Shirt

When one of your favourite pattern designers releases a pattern that is almost your name (it's actually the mis-pronunciation of my name I get all the time), you obviously have to make it.

Enter, the Kalle Shirt & Dress from Closet Case Patterns.  If I haven't documented my love for Heather's patterns enough... you should know that I looooooove her patterns.  She's really been killin' it this summer with the Kalle Shirt & Dress and the Charlie Caftan.



Camping Maypole Quilt

I realize one of my latest posts was saying that quilting isn't really my thing - but I do enjoy it!  I bought this fabric a while ago, not really sure what I was going to make with it.  I thought I might even make a dress out of the canoe-print!  I've been following more quilters on instagram, and one of my favourites is Suzy Quilts.  She posted a great pattern - The Maypole Quilt (albeit meant more for solids) and I knew it would be a great fit for my camping-themed fabrics.  Best part - I had the right amount of fabric for the throw size!



IKEA Canvas A-Frame Skirt

Have I told you guys how much I love the A-Frame Skirt pattern?  Because OMG you guys, it is SUCH a great pattern.  Definitely underrated in my opinion - why don't I see more of these out there?!  I've already made one in a fantastic orchid-print cotton sateen (it gets almost weekly wear!) and I have at least 2 or three more lined up in my fall sewing queue.  It's the pefect skirt for work, and I just can't get over how well it fits and how easily it comes together.  Oh, and it has POCKETS.  You can't beat a skirt with pockets!

Now, you might remember the Portside Duffle I made a while back with some great canvas I bought at IKEA.  Well, I had juuuuust enough left over to squeeze out a skirt!



Ottawa Garment Guild

Oh hey there!  So, I've decided to undertake a new challenge - I'm going to endeavour to set up a "Garment Guild" of sorts set up for garment-makers living in the Ottawa area.

What is a "Garment Guild" you ask?  Well, that's a super great question and I'm actually in the process of figuring it out for myself.  I've been a part of a local modern quilt guild for a few months, but I'm really not much of a quilter, in case you haven't gathered that already!  I do quilt from time to time, but my true love is sewing clothing. I've been looking for a place to meet up with like-minded people to talk about sewing clothes, so the idea of starting up a Garment Guild was born!

If you have any comments or questions, please leave them below!  Watch this space for more information as I'm still working out some kinks.  I have set up a quick survey so if you could take the time to fill it out (even if you're not in the Ottawa area!) I would so very much appreciate it.  Also, you can follow the Ottawa Garment Guild blog for more information as I sort things out!

Thanks a bunch!


Geometric Burn-Out Scout Tee

One of my favourite parts about sewing my own clothing is when you have an idea for a garment, and it turns out exactly how you pictured it.  I bought this fabric nearly a year ago, and just last month got around to sewing the shirt I had pictured.  

Like, this is literally exactly what I had in mind.  Ahh!  So pleased!  As you probably could have guessed, it's the Grainline Scout Tee pattern!  This pattern is so darn versatile, and it is simple enough that it lets the beautiful fabric stand out on it's own.

Colourful Polka-Dot Willow Tank Dress

After starting my dress-sewing adventures making mostly fit & flare type dresses, I never would have thought that I could look good in a sheath or a-line dress.  For whatever reason, I just didn't think the look was for me.  After sewing the Seamwork Adelaide Dress, I've totally changed my mind!  I can actually wear that silhouette!  Hooray!

Enter the Willow Tank & Dress from Grainline Studio.  Why, oh why, did I take so long to make one of these?  So simple, flattering, and easy to wear.



Floral Rayon Charlie Caftan

YASSSS!  It's caftan weather!!!  Well... sort of.  Man, it's been a rainy summer here in Ottawa!  Now - before making this, I had never actually worn a caftan. HOWEVER - I have lusted after them something fierce, and just haven't found the right one. Thank goodness for the amazing Heather-Lou over at Closet Case Patterns.  Fabrications (local Ottawa fabric shop) teased this pattern a week before it's release in their IG page, and Gillian over at Crafting a Rainbow commented "please be a caftan!" to which I nearly lost my mind because that was the exact thing I needed to add to my summer sewing list.  ANYWAYS!  I literally bought this pattern the moment I got the email newsletter announcing it's release, printed it the following day, and had it sewn and ready to wear the following weekend.  Behold - the Charlie Caftan!



Floral & Striped Ebony Dresses

What?!?  Two blog posts in as many days?  I have a ridiculous backlog of things I've been meaning to post, so I'm working through them while chillin' inside with the AC on since it's a million degrees + humidity outside this weekend.  Central air conditioning is pretty fantastic you guys.  Also, we rearranged the living room yesterday and I'm really diggin' it.  Wee!  

Ok, back to sewing.  This is a sewing blog after all!  Back in mid-winter when the Closet Case Ebony T-Shirt & Dress pattern came out I scooped up some knits I had in my stash and sewed up a couple different ones.



Navy Dotted Alder Shirtdress

Another dress I made in the winter, and I'm just getting around to blogging it now!  I bought the Alder Shirtdress pattern a while ago and have fabric I bought with a birthday gift card last August.  It took me a while to get up the courage to sew something with a collar...  I don't know why I waited so long... it really wasn't that hard!  Please don't mind my pasty-white skin, I took these photos back in March!  Also, I'm just really pasty ;)



Les Fleurs Cleo Skirt

Now, everyone and their grandma has at least some of this fabric.  But seriously - who can blame them? It is SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL.  When this stuff first arrived at one of the local fabric shops, it was gone within hours of their instagram post about it.  Seriously!  I went in 3 hours after the post and the whole bold was GONE.  So, I ordered this fabric online from Rifle Paper Co. with a boxing day deal and waited patiently for it to arrive.  Then it sat on my shelf for a few months because I was too worried to ruin it, and hadn't quite decided on the right pattern that would show off the fabric nicely.

Made By Rae released her Cleo Skirt pattern at the end of January and I figured it would be a great pattern for the fabric.  Simple, comfortable (woo elastic waist!), and would work really well with the drape of the rayon.



Me-Made-May 2017 Final Wrap-Up & Last Few Days

IT'S DONE!!! FINALLY DONE!  I get excited about MMMay every year, but by the end of it I am so darn glad that it's over - mostly because the selfies get annoying, and my IG feed is just other people taking selfies.  Not that I don't enjoy it - it's just gets repetitive after a couple weeks and it is SO difficult to keep up with what everyone is doing!

Anyways - this year's MMMay was a great success.  My me-made wardrobe has expanded pretty significantly since last year (thanks to having my own sewing room, and feeling much more confident in my skills) and I didn't have as much trouble finding things to wear every morning - even with the crazy weather we've been having.  As with last year, I found that I need more semi-casual tops to pair with jeans - or I just need to make my own damn jeans (something I keep putting off!)

So, here's a summary of the last three days and links back to the past 4 weeks of Me-Made-May 2017.

Week 5ish:

Day 31:  Dotted Willow Tank Dress

I actually finished off the week wearing me-made tops - the red chambray willow tank I wore last Friday and the geometric burnout scout tee from last Tuesday :)

ALSO!  I didn't post about these, since I haven't finished making all the pairs I have cut up, but I made a few pairs of Scrundlewear!  Which I wore under most of my flowy skirts and dresses.  I had been looking for some new boyshorts since they provide a bit more butt-coverage in case of a gust of wind - but all of the ones I found in-store had centre-seams.  WHO the HELL wants a centre-seam up their centre-seam?!?!  No thank you.  So I made my own - and they are THE most comfortable pair of underpants I have ever worn - hands down.  I splurged on some meundies a while ago and I thought those were the best you could get. The best part about making your own undies?  You can make them from scraps!  I have so many knit scraps stashed away, I could probably make a months-worth of my own underpants.  Here's a peek at the first three pairs I made:

Anyways - all this to say that while MMMay is fun, it does get a bit boring towards the end of the month. However - the goal of wearing almost all me-made clothing is a great one to keep working towards, and I'm finding it to be a great way to push myself to try new things.


Me-Made-May 2017: Week 4 Wrap-Up

Almost there!  Like last year, I'm getting a bit sick of this... but it hasn't been as difficult this year since my me-made wardrobe has grown quite significantly!  Here's what I wore for Week 4:

Day 22:  Blue-Stripe Hudson Pants
Day 23:  Green dot fit'n'flare dress (pre-dates this blog)
Day 24:  Geometric burnout scout tee (new this past week!)
Day 25:  Cat Lady Emery Dress
Day 26:  Red chambray Willow Tank (also new this week!)
Day 27:  Grey unfinished Lark Tee (not blogged)
Day 28:  Constellation Carolyn PJ Shorts, Floral Lark Tee


Me-Made-May 2017: Week 3 Wrap-Up

Week 3 done already?  This month is just flying by!  Here's a wrap-up of what I wore this past week.

Day 15:  Cat-Lady Emery Dress
Day 16:  Orchid print A-Frame Skirt
Day 17:  Polka-dot Willow Dress (not blogged)
Day 18:  Seamwork Catarina Dress
Day 19:  Floral Lark Tee
Day 20:  Purple Aztec Hudson Pants
Day 21:  Rainy Day Linden Sweatshirt (not blogged yet - still so new!)


Me-Made-May 2017: Week 2 Wrap-Up

Week two is done and in the books - we're just about halfway there!  Here's a quickie summary of what I wore this week.

Day 8:   Cleo Skirt in Rifle Paper Co. Rayon (not blogged yet)
Day 9:   Alder Shirtdress in navy & black shirting cotton (also not blogged yet)
Day 10: Marigold Dress in black & white floral rayon (yep, haven't blogged this one yet either!)
Day 11: Hudson Pants in purple aztec print
Day 12: Fishy Scout Tee
Day 13: Shiny purple Scrundlewear hot pants, self-drafted cocoon cardigan (yeah, neither of these are blogged either!)
Day 14: Raindrop print Linden Sweatshirt (I literally made this sweater this morning, so obviously not blogged yet either)

Well dang, I have some blogging to do!  I'm starting to get sick of the daily selfies.... but I'm still doing alright in terms of picking something out to wear every day!  My me-made wardrobe has grown by leaps and bounds since last MMMay so it's been much easier to have some variety.  I'm finding it hardest on days I want to wear jeans... so I'm taking that as a sign to make my own damn jeans (seriously I've been putting it off for over a year) and to make some casual tops!


Me-Made-May 2017: Week 1 Wrap-Up

Weee!  I made it through the first week successfully!  I even had a couple days where I wore more than one me-made, not counting my new Kelly Anorak.  If I were feeling lazy, I could have just counted that as my one-daily me-made, but I figured that would be kind of cheating.  Anyways - here's a summary of what I wore for the first week:

2) Polka-dot Willow Tank Dress (not yet blogged!), Kelly Anorak, Aires Leggings
7) Blue-Strip Hudson Pants (yes, again!)

Woo!  A total of 8 different me-mades!  Some are just so great, they get multiple wears through the week ;)

I've also been successful with not buying any new fabric for garment making purposes!  Although, it has been kind of challenging as there have been SO many gorgeous spring and summer fabrics released recently.  This might be more of a challenge than I was bargaining for!

Orchid-Print A-Frame Pencil Skirt

Happy May!!  As most of you already know, Me Made May started last week!  To kick it off, I wore one of my favourite recent makes - my orchid-print a-frame pencil skirt.  I love this skirt so dang much!  The fabric was an impulse buy from Blackbird Fabrics, and I knew I needed a great pencil skirt made with it.



Navy Softshell Kelly Anorak

When I first started my whole sewing-all-my-own-clothes adventure nearly a year and a half ago, I made the Robson Coat with a navy twill, and lined with quilting cotton for those chilly spring and fall days.  While I still really like that coat and am really proud of it... it really isn't that practical.  I feel like I'm being too fancy in it, and the length can be a bit cumbersome at times.  So!  When the Kelly Anorak pattern from Closet Case Patterns came out, I knew it had to be my next coat project.  It really has the right balance of being practical but also really stylish!  I wanted something that would go well with both work-wear, and casual weekend wear.  I finally found some fantastic navy softshell fleece online which is perfect for both warmth and a bit of rain protection.  A must-have for the chilly and wet spring weather!



Split-Hem Stripey Hemlock Tee

Long time no blog!  I've actually been pretty busy with lots of sewing lately and haven't set aside the time to blog!  Since my last post I've made a couple skirts, a dress or two, a quilt top, and I'm halfway through another quilt top and have just finished a jacket.  Phew!  Matt and I have also been busy around the house with some visits and planning painting & gardening... on top of my usual twice-weekly roller derby practices, work, and finding time to hang out together :)

Anyways - here's a top I sewed up a while ago with fabric I bought from Girl Charlee Fabrics.


Me-Made-May 2017

It's almost that time of the year again - Me Made May!!!  I had so much fun participating in this last year, and I'm really looking forward to bing a part of it this year with my ever-expanding me-made wardrobe.

I may not have been blogging much lately, but I have definitely been busy sewing.  I have a bunch of garments to blog about, but first I need some pictures!  I've been waiting to get out in our back yard to take some more photos, but it's been pretty difficult to get the stars to align properly to allow for that! We've been busy with house stuff, visitors and visiting, and other obligations.  That, and hoping for the weather to actually cooperate so I can get my iPhone out on the tripod.

Anyways, all that to say - I have so many more outfits planned and clothing items ready for this year's Me Made May and I'm getting really excited to show them off!  So without further ado, here's my pledge for the 2017 round of Me Made May:

I, Kallie Auld, sign up to participate in Me Made May 2017.  I pledge to wear at least one me-made article of clothing each day, and document it here on the blog weekly for the duration of May 2017.  I also endeavour to NOT buy any fabric for the entire month of May for the purpose of making garments - I will use only fabric from my over-flowing stash to make new garments.

There we have it!  I'm changing things up a bit this year and adding the extra challenge of not buying any new garment fabric.  I have SO MUCH to work my way through, and more than enough to keep my busy for the month of May.  I'm trying to be a bit more responsible with my fabric purchases and use what I have before splurging on something new.  Now, I say only garment fabric, as I do have some quilting projects I need to buy batting, backing and binding fabric for and don't have that in my stash.  

Hop on over to Zoe's Blog if you have any questions about how this whole MMMay17 thing is supposed to work, or if you want to participate yourself!  I've also added the MMMay17 badge to my blog, which will take you over to the original post on the challenge.

If you want to check out my participation in last year's Me Made May, you can hop on over to this wrap-up post which talks about my first experience in the challenge, and links to my weekly posts.

Can't wait to follow along through instagram and bloglovin' and see what everyone is challenging themselves to :)


Split-Hem Black Hemlock Tee

What's that?! Moooore fabric from Blackbird?  Ha!  I ordered this gorgeous black sweater knit at the same time as the french terry and ohmygoodness I want it in every colour!  It's the Cloud Sweater Knit in black, and as the description states, the supplier calls it "cashmere".  It's not... but hot damn it is a close second, and you really can't beat that price (I'm not a shill for this shop... I just love it so, and want everyone to know how great it is!)  This gorgeous cozy fabric was perfect for my first Hemlock Tee.



Lake-Blue Linden Sweatshirt

I wish I could drape myself in this fabric forever.  The feel, the colour, the stretch, it's just the BEST. So I figured it should be made into a comfy-cozy Grainline Linden Sweatshirt that will likely get worn year round.  The weight of the fabric is perfect for cool summer evenings, and for winter days. The other day I even layered it with a patterned collared shirt along with jeans for work.  It was seriously the most comfortable, yet still stylish and (casual) office appropriate.



Felt-Food Vegetable Garden

I shared this on my instagram a couple weeks ago, and then promptly forgot to blog about it. Surprise, surprise!

Aaaaages ago, I spotted this adorable little felt-food vegetable garden on pinterest.  I saved it, with hopes to one day make one for my (future) babies, or friends' babies.  Dear friends of ours had a little boy last year, and I thought this would make the perfect first-birthday present!  This was a really fun change from my usual sewing of clothing for myself, and was a good way to learn some new hand-sewing skills.  


Stripey Hudson Pants

I'm back!  After a bit of a posting & sewing hiatus...

It took us a little while to really get settled in the new house, and I haven't really been sewing that much until recently, no have I had the time (or light!) to take photos of the things I've made over the last couple months.  Most of the things I haven't blogged about I actually made well before we moved... and then my "Year of Sewing" project ended and I needed a serious break from keeping up with the blog and instagram.

So I'm finally back - it's a long weekend here in Ontario and after getting a bunch of chores done yesterday and this morning I can finally plop down and hammer out a few blog posts.  First - another pair of Hudson Pants!  I love this pattern so, so, so much and I don't think I'll ever tire of it.  It is super easy and quick to sew up, and can be used with a variety of knits.  I might actually try to sew up a woven version this summer.

Anyways!  I bought this fantastic navy & teal stripped knit from imagine gnats, and paired it with some navy cotton jersey I had leftover from a pair of Hudson Pants I made for Matt last winter. When I spotted the fabric in the imagine gnats shop, I KNEW it had to become some Hudson Pants.  I actually bought 3 yards of the fabric, since I figured it might make a good Linden sweater or a heavier weight tee or tank.