Orchid-Print A-Frame Pencil Skirt

Happy May!!  As most of you already know, Me Made May started last week!  To kick it off, I wore one of my favourite recent makes - my orchid-print a-frame pencil skirt.  I love this skirt so dang much!  The fabric was an impulse buy from Blackbird Fabrics, and I knew I needed a great pencil skirt made with it.

This skirt has definitely seen weekly wear since I made it.  it goes so nicely with a black top, and works well for cooler days paired with black tights and my oxfords (like what I'm wearing in the photos) and for the summer months I think it will pair nicely with a white tee, or a chambray shirt and cool sandals.

I won't lie though - I was really nervous getting in to this.  A good pencil skirt is hard to come by, and I find it hard to get a pencil skirt to fit properly.  I'm picky about my skirts - I don't want them so tight that I look 5 months pregnant and can't move after lunch, but if a skirt is too loose it is just uncomfortable.  Enter the Blueprints For Sewing A-Frame Skirt pattern!  This pattern was SO fun to sew.  It came together quickly, includes pockets, and the different pieces allow for really easy fitting. I also really like the knee-length and kick-pleat, and the alternate version of this skirt which allows for something a bit more flowy. 

There is also no lining to fuss with!  I had originally put the Colette Selene Skirt on my #2017MakeNine... and actually started that skirt ages ago, but gave up due to the SUPER ANNOYING lining.  I'm replacing that skirt with this skirt on my Make Nine list because damn... if I can avoid a slippery lining I will.

Now, the fabric for the skirt is pretty amazing... but what I really like are the guts of this skirt.  I bought hot-pink thread for my serger ages ago for no real reason... so I HAD to use it for the inside of this skirt:

This was also the first skirt where I sewed a lapped zipper.  WHY in the hell had I not tried this before?!?  It was so easy!  Way, way, way better than an invisible zip.  Honestly, I had stopped sewing skirts and dresses for a while because I hated doing the invisible zip.  Lapped zipper to the rescue!

This skirt includes interesting directions for sewing on the waistband - which is basically backwards from the way I learned how to sew on a waistband.  However - this way made WAY more sense to me.  You sew it on from the inside, and fold over and top-stitch the front of the waistband down. That way, you can make sure you catch the folded-in edge AND get your top-stitching in straight.  Maybe I've been doing this wrong?  But I'm switching to this method.  So much easier!  (Photos from Blueprints for Sewing A-Frame Skirt instructions)

This pattern is great for heavier-weight fabric, and I have some awesome IKEA canvas I might use for another go of this pattern.  If you've been nervous about making a pencil skirt, I would definitely recommend giving this pattern a go!

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