Navy Softshell Kelly Anorak

When I first started my whole sewing-all-my-own-clothes adventure nearly a year and a half ago, I made the Robson Coat with a navy twill, and lined with quilting cotton for those chilly spring and fall days.  While I still really like that coat and am really proud of it... it really isn't that practical.  I feel like I'm being too fancy in it, and the length can be a bit cumbersome at times.  So!  When the Kelly Anorak pattern from Closet Case Patterns came out, I knew it had to be my next coat project.  It really has the right balance of being practical but also really stylish!  I wanted something that would go well with both work-wear, and casual weekend wear.  I finally found some fantastic navy softshell fleece online which is perfect for both warmth and a bit of rain protection.  A must-have for the chilly and wet spring weather!



Split-Hem Stripey Hemlock Tee

Long time no blog!  I've actually been pretty busy with lots of sewing lately and haven't set aside the time to blog!  Since my last post I've made a couple skirts, a dress or two, a quilt top, and I'm halfway through another quilt top and have just finished a jacket.  Phew!  Matt and I have also been busy around the house with some visits and planning painting & gardening... on top of my usual twice-weekly roller derby practices, work, and finding time to hang out together :)

Anyways - here's a top I sewed up a while ago with fabric I bought from Girl Charlee Fabrics.


Me-Made-May 2017

It's almost that time of the year again - Me Made May!!!  I had so much fun participating in this last year, and I'm really looking forward to bing a part of it this year with my ever-expanding me-made wardrobe.

I may not have been blogging much lately, but I have definitely been busy sewing.  I have a bunch of garments to blog about, but first I need some pictures!  I've been waiting to get out in our back yard to take some more photos, but it's been pretty difficult to get the stars to align properly to allow for that! We've been busy with house stuff, visitors and visiting, and other obligations.  That, and hoping for the weather to actually cooperate so I can get my iPhone out on the tripod.

Anyways, all that to say - I have so many more outfits planned and clothing items ready for this year's Me Made May and I'm getting really excited to show them off!  So without further ado, here's my pledge for the 2017 round of Me Made May:

I, Kallie Auld, sign up to participate in Me Made May 2017.  I pledge to wear at least one me-made article of clothing each day, and document it here on the blog weekly for the duration of May 2017.  I also endeavour to NOT buy any fabric for the entire month of May for the purpose of making garments - I will use only fabric from my over-flowing stash to make new garments.

There we have it!  I'm changing things up a bit this year and adding the extra challenge of not buying any new garment fabric.  I have SO MUCH to work my way through, and more than enough to keep my busy for the month of May.  I'm trying to be a bit more responsible with my fabric purchases and use what I have before splurging on something new.  Now, I say only garment fabric, as I do have some quilting projects I need to buy batting, backing and binding fabric for and don't have that in my stash.  

Hop on over to Zoe's Blog if you have any questions about how this whole MMMay17 thing is supposed to work, or if you want to participate yourself!  I've also added the MMMay17 badge to my blog, which will take you over to the original post on the challenge.

If you want to check out my participation in last year's Me Made May, you can hop on over to this wrap-up post which talks about my first experience in the challenge, and links to my weekly posts.

Can't wait to follow along through instagram and bloglovin' and see what everyone is challenging themselves to :)