Hey Folks, sorry I've been away for a bit!  Work has been craaaaaazy busy and stressful the past few weeks, so I haven't been getting any sewing (and obviously blogging) done.  I've also got some visits coming up over the next two weekends, so I won't be able to get much done then either.

Luckily though, my winter sewing has kind of died down, so I'm not really in need of anything new at the moment.  It might actually be time to go through what I've made this season and pare down my wardrobe a bit!  I've found that there are a couple things I made that I haven't really worn much (if at all) so it looks like they'll be going into the 'donate' pile.  I hope to do a bit of a summary post around the 6-month/ end of winter mark and go over everything I've made thus far.

In the meantime, I'll have a couple posts schedule with old makes that I really love.  I also finished up some baby-sewing a while back for some good friends and their adorable new family member, so I'll get those things up on the blog soon as well.

Welp, just thought I would explain my hiatus and let you know I hope to be back at it soon!  Happy sewing!


Hudson Pants - Valentines Day Edition

If you couldn't tell from my instagram feed, I am seriously loving the Hudson Pants pattern from True Bias Patterns.

A while ago I purchased some red heart-print knit fabric with the intention of making a shirt.  Welp, I fell in love with the Hudson Pants and decided that the fabric would make some great comfy-pants for around the house... and just in time for Valentines Day!



Cat Lady Emery Dress

What?! Another dress!?  I am so in love with the print on this dress, and the cotton is incredibly soft.  For this sleeveless version of the Emery Dress, I used fabric from the Cotton & Steel Cat Lady line.


Four Months Down!

Holy smokes you guys!  I'm already four months into this project!  It feels like the time has just flown by, which has made not shopping that much easier.  Although I have purchased things like socks, tights, bras, and underwear - I haven't bought any RTW clothing since September.  I did receive a t-shirt from my sister at Christmas, but I never ruled out gifts (and it's a great roller derby shirt!).

Overall, it has been pretty easy to not go shopping for clothing.  I haven't really had any need for something that would be too difficult to sew, and thanks to a somewhat casual work environment, I was fine wearing jeans & blouses as I built up my fall & winter work wardrobe of dresses.  I've had a couple sewing fails which have been frustrating - but not discouraging.  I'm just more determined to make things better the next time.  There are some days or weekends where the sewing has become a bit of a chore, but that's usually nixed by the excitement of wearing a new outfit to work the next day.

I realize that I haven't really kept up with the budget aspect of this project.  I was going through some numbers early on, and realized that I wasn't really keen to share that information with the internet. Not necessarily out of embarrassment for the stupid amount of money I spent on clothing last year, but mostly because I don't think it's really necessary to share anymore.  Sewing is a hobby, and I spend what I can afford.  I wouldn't say I'm saving buckets of money sewing my own clothing, but the pieces I produce are of much higher quality, and I have more of an emotional tie to them, rather than a financial one.  We'll leave it at that :)

Anyways, things are going well.  Winter sewing can kind of be a bummer with darker fabrics, and the fact that heavier fabrics are more expensive, a bit harder to find (for some weird reason) and sometimes more difficult to work with, so I'm getting excited for spring to start.  I have a number of dresses and skirts lined up, and I need to sort out some new tops.  I'll likely be sharing some of my older projects soon too as the winter sewing winds down and I have a bit of a break!



Comfy Cozy Hudson Pants

Last weekend I whipped up a pair of True Bias Patterns' Hudson Pants.  I had seen these pants all over the sewing blogosphere, and have only heard great things!  Appropriate sweat-pants fabric is kinda hard to come by (and crazy expensive!) here in Ottawa for some reason, so I waited until there was a sale at Fabricland.  I managed to get 2m of thick sweatshirt knit for $33!  Woo!  I'll be able to get two pairs out of the cut.