Colette Moneta - 3/4 Sleeve in Burgandy

Secret pajamas I tell you, this dress is like wearing secret pajamas to work!  The Colette Moneta Dress is a fantastic pattern, and it is super easy & quick to stitch up!  This is actually my third Moneta (I'll share the other two eventually) but the first one I've made using my serger.  I actually made this dress in early October and it's a regular in my work wardrobe, I just haven't gotten around to taking pictures of it until now.



Carolyn Pajamas - Shorts With Some Serious Cattitude

These shorts are totally the cat's pajamas!  From Closet Case Files, the Carolyn Pajama Pattern is perfect for sewing up a classic matching pj set.  I'm not really in need of a new matching set (nor do I have the perfect fabric for one yet), but I did have some of this adorable knit called 'Cattitude' by Lizzie House.
Seriously adorable.  My husband definitely thinks I'm turning into a crazy cat lady... ah well!


Sewing Level-Up: First Ever Zipper Fly!

As a part of this project, I wanted to push myself to try some sewing techniques that I haven't yet, and learn some new skills.  I figured Grainline's Moss Skirt was the perfect way to learn how to sew a zipper fly.

Source: Grainline Patterns 32001 - Moss Skirt Instructions
(see my result after the jump!)

Unintentional Hiatus - Whoopsies!

Gah!  Sorry about that everyone.  It's been a busy few weeks here, and I've had very little sewing and blogging time!  I was away at a conference for work, then we had friends visiting, and now - I'm home sick from work.  So, I'm writing this snuggled up on the couch with the cats.  I've got some pictures saved up from a few of my recent projects, so the posts should start flowing again very shortly.

Hopefully this weekend I'll get some time to start on my Christmas Party dress, since it's only 2 weeks away!  Yikes!  I have all the fabric, pattern, and a plan in mind - I just need to get sewing!  I'll be sure to share some progress photos here.

After that, I'll be busy with holiday plans, so posts might get a bit sparse again.  I'll have some old projects to share, and will hopefully get some posts queued up so there isn't too long of a stretch without any updates.


So Much Sewing, So Little Time!

Ahh!  Its a busy weekend for sewing!  I have a conference for work coming up next week, and it calls for business casual.  I've been a bit lazy with getting work outfits sewn up since my office can be pretty casual, but now I can't be wearing jeans!  Yikes!  I have a couple skirts and a dress lined up to sew today, so I should be all set for this week.

That being said, it's going to be another couple days until I get another outfit post up on the blog.  So sorry about that!  I'll probably have some more downtime in the evenings after the conference this week, so I hope to get some more posts queued up!


One Month Down!

Hurray!  I've made it one whole month (nearly two! - I kinda started in September) with my project.  The only clothing-related items I've purchased were some boots (totally allowed) and some tights (also totally allowed)!

I've learned a couple things along the way too - first of all being to have a plan.  I've been pretty lazy with the planning side of things for this project, and it's kind of slowing me down at this point.  Instead of carefully planning out my wardrobe, I've been sewing things kind of willy-nilly, not taking into account what I really need.  It's also a bit daunting getting started on a project, or picking one to actually start when I have a bunch of ideas and no direction.

I have also been meaning to get down to the numbers and sort out my budgeting for this project.  I had originally intended to share the amount of money I spend each month on fabric and compare it to what I spent last year on clothing.  Well... when looking at the numbers I realized that I spent way too much money this month on fabric and I'm not entirely comfortable with sharing that number with strangers on the internet (sorry!).  I'll hopefully be able to break down what I spent on each project since I haven't used up all the fabric purchased in the month of October.  That number will probably be a bit more manageable and easier to share :)

The past week or two have been a bit slow sewing-wise, sorry I haven't had much to share lately!  Work has been really stressful, and I just went under for gum surgery yesterday.  Looks like I won't be getting much done this weekend either!  Work things will hopefully calm own soon, I'll get myself organized (for real this time) and sewing things will pick up soon.  It's also kind of a nightmare trying to take pictures of myself outside.  Guess I'll just have to get more comfortable with it, or get my husband to give me a hand.

As always, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave them below!  It's been great finding all sorts of other sewing bloggers around the internet, and I have been so inspired by all the amazing work out there.  It is super cool to be a (small) part of the growing sewing and slow fashion movement, and I'm excited to see where things go!

Happy sewing!