Floral & Striped Ebony Dresses

What?!?  Two blog posts in as many days?  I have a ridiculous backlog of things I've been meaning to post, so I'm working through them while chillin' inside with the AC on since it's a million degrees + humidity outside this weekend.  Central air conditioning is pretty fantastic you guys.  Also, we rearranged the living room yesterday and I'm really diggin' it.  Wee!  

Ok, back to sewing.  This is a sewing blog after all!  Back in mid-winter when the Closet Case Ebony T-Shirt & Dress pattern came out I scooped up some knits I had in my stash and sewed up a couple different ones.



Navy Dotted Alder Shirtdress

Another dress I made in the winter, and I'm just getting around to blogging it now!  I bought the Alder Shirtdress pattern a while ago and have fabric I bought with a birthday gift card last August.  It took me a while to get up the courage to sew something with a collar...  I don't know why I waited so long... it really wasn't that hard!  Please don't mind my pasty-white skin, I took these photos back in March!  Also, I'm just really pasty ;)



Les Fleurs Cleo Skirt

Now, everyone and their grandma has at least some of this fabric.  But seriously - who can blame them? It is SO DAMN BEAUTIFUL.  When this stuff first arrived at one of the local fabric shops, it was gone within hours of their instagram post about it.  Seriously!  I went in 3 hours after the post and the whole bold was GONE.  So, I ordered this fabric online from Rifle Paper Co. with a boxing day deal and waited patiently for it to arrive.  Then it sat on my shelf for a few months because I was too worried to ruin it, and hadn't quite decided on the right pattern that would show off the fabric nicely.

Made By Rae released her Cleo Skirt pattern at the end of January and I figured it would be a great pattern for the fabric.  Simple, comfortable (woo elastic waist!), and would work really well with the drape of the rayon.



Me-Made-May 2017 Final Wrap-Up & Last Few Days

IT'S DONE!!! FINALLY DONE!  I get excited about MMMay every year, but by the end of it I am so darn glad that it's over - mostly because the selfies get annoying, and my IG feed is just other people taking selfies.  Not that I don't enjoy it - it's just gets repetitive after a couple weeks and it is SO difficult to keep up with what everyone is doing!

Anyways - this year's MMMay was a great success.  My me-made wardrobe has expanded pretty significantly since last year (thanks to having my own sewing room, and feeling much more confident in my skills) and I didn't have as much trouble finding things to wear every morning - even with the crazy weather we've been having.  As with last year, I found that I need more semi-casual tops to pair with jeans - or I just need to make my own damn jeans (something I keep putting off!)

So, here's a summary of the last three days and links back to the past 4 weeks of Me-Made-May 2017.

Week 5ish:

Day 31:  Dotted Willow Tank Dress

I actually finished off the week wearing me-made tops - the red chambray willow tank I wore last Friday and the geometric burnout scout tee from last Tuesday :)

ALSO!  I didn't post about these, since I haven't finished making all the pairs I have cut up, but I made a few pairs of Scrundlewear!  Which I wore under most of my flowy skirts and dresses.  I had been looking for some new boyshorts since they provide a bit more butt-coverage in case of a gust of wind - but all of the ones I found in-store had centre-seams.  WHO the HELL wants a centre-seam up their centre-seam?!?!  No thank you.  So I made my own - and they are THE most comfortable pair of underpants I have ever worn - hands down.  I splurged on some meundies a while ago and I thought those were the best you could get. The best part about making your own undies?  You can make them from scraps!  I have so many knit scraps stashed away, I could probably make a months-worth of my own underpants.  Here's a peek at the first three pairs I made:

Anyways - all this to say that while MMMay is fun, it does get a bit boring towards the end of the month. However - the goal of wearing almost all me-made clothing is a great one to keep working towards, and I'm finding it to be a great way to push myself to try new things.