Purple Aztec Hudson Pants

I can't believe I forgot to post about these!  I made them a couple months ago, and if I could get away with it I would wear them every. single. day.  As you already know, I am in love with the Hudson Pants pattern.  I was looking for some lightweight knit fabric to make a more spring/ summer/ hot apartment appropriate comfy pants, and found the perfect purple aztec-print bamboo rayon.

These are definitely my favourite pants to lounge around the house in.  They're light, comfy, stretchy, and they have pockets!

I made the full-length version of the pattern, but I'm finding that these pants are more comfortable pulled-up mid-calf.  The fabric has enough stretch to it that they sit comfortably, but I think I'll make the 3/4 length version next time!  I actually have enough of this fabric left that I could make another pair... but I might save that for sewing up a gift pair - shhh don't tell! :P

The bamboo rayon was kind of tough to sew with as it's really slippery, but I'm happy with how this pair of Hudson Pants turned out!  I'm also in love with the colour and pattern of the fabric - I think I could get away with wearing these out of the house!  Paired with some sandals and a black tee, they would be perfect for a warm summer evening.

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