Sewing Level-Up: First Ever Zipper Fly!

As a part of this project, I wanted to push myself to try some sewing techniques that I haven't yet, and learn some new skills.  I figured Grainline's Moss Skirt was the perfect way to learn how to sew a zipper fly.

Source: Grainline Patterns 32001 - Moss Skirt Instructions
(see my result after the jump!)

The instructions for the zipper fly on the moss skirt were really easy to follow, and the whole process was WAY easier than I had figured.  Hooray!  I was hoping to be able to sew a pair of jeans eventually, and now I have one of the necessary skills to do so!

The photo shows the fly without the fly guard on the left side... I was just too excited to share this on instagram!  (oh good gravy that top-stitching is bad.  so bad.)

Unfortunately the skirt turned out to be a bit of a sewing fail (more on that later) and it's won't be made a part of my wardrobe.  However, it was a good leaning opportunity, and I look forward to trying again with some different fabric.

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