Hey Folks, sorry I've been away for a bit!  Work has been craaaaaazy busy and stressful the past few weeks, so I haven't been getting any sewing (and obviously blogging) done.  I've also got some visits coming up over the next two weekends, so I won't be able to get much done then either.

Luckily though, my winter sewing has kind of died down, so I'm not really in need of anything new at the moment.  It might actually be time to go through what I've made this season and pare down my wardrobe a bit!  I've found that there are a couple things I made that I haven't really worn much (if at all) so it looks like they'll be going into the 'donate' pile.  I hope to do a bit of a summary post around the 6-month/ end of winter mark and go over everything I've made thus far.

In the meantime, I'll have a couple posts schedule with old makes that I really love.  I also finished up some baby-sewing a while back for some good friends and their adorable new family member, so I'll get those things up on the blog soon as well.

Welp, just thought I would explain my hiatus and let you know I hope to be back at it soon!  Happy sewing!

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