Split-Hem Stripey Hemlock Tee

Long time no blog!  I've actually been pretty busy with lots of sewing lately and haven't set aside the time to blog!  Since my last post I've made a couple skirts, a dress or two, a quilt top, and I'm halfway through another quilt top and have just finished a jacket.  Phew!  Matt and I have also been busy around the house with some visits and planning painting & gardening... on top of my usual twice-weekly roller derby practices, work, and finding time to hang out together :)

Anyways - here's a top I sewed up a while ago with fabric I bought from Girl Charlee Fabrics.


I went with the split-hem again (like on my black cloud-knit version) but it didn't turn out as well... trying to stripe-match and get the hems to work was proving a bit difficult :/

Ahh well! This is a pretty casual top that really only gets worn around the house or on weekends. When I ordered this from Girl Charlee, I was expecting a much thicker knit than I received, and was really hoping for more stretch - which is what the description given on the website said.  Ahh, the challenge of buying fabric online.  I also got hit with a $35 duty charge (ugh shipping from the US to Canada...) so that didn't help matters.  I also bought a rainbow speckled cardigan knit, which luckily better matched the online description.  All this to say, I probably won't be ordering from Girl Charlee again... I know some people love the shop, but it's just not for me.  

Also, because of the lack of stretch this knit has (which actually isn't a bad thing for this pattern) I effed-up the neck band.  Ughhhh.  Because there was so little stretch, I lengthened the neck band piece a bit... but apparently too much... so it falls over a bit in the front.  Oh well - they can't all be winners!  At least the top is wearable!  The knit is light enough too that this top will be nice with cool summer evenings, so I should get 4-season wear out of it. 

That's all for now!  I'm going to work on getting a bunch of blog posts queued-up for the next little while - and I'll be busy posting once Me Made May 2017 begins!

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