Split-Hem Black Hemlock Tee

What's that?! Moooore fabric from Blackbird?  Ha!  I ordered this gorgeous black sweater knit at the same time as the french terry and ohmygoodness I want it in every colour!  It's the Cloud Sweater Knit in black, and as the description states, the supplier calls it "cashmere".  It's not... but hot damn it is a close second, and you really can't beat that price (I'm not a shill for this shop... I just love it so, and want everyone to know how great it is!)  This gorgeous cozy fabric was perfect for my first Hemlock Tee.

Well shit, black fabric sure is hard to photograph.  Sorry 'bout that!  And I don't know what the heck I was thinking buying more dark fabric when every morning at work I go through a couple lint roller sheets trying to get all the cat hair off... Ahh well.  Even though I do have a pale complexion, I don't feel like black washes me out too much.  It's so easy to match with, and even though this is a slouchy sweater, it just feels more dressy for work because it's black.

This is the first time I've sewn the Grainline Hemlock Tee (free when you sign up for their newsletter!) and I can see more in my future (yep - I've already made a second and it should be up on the blog soon)!  It is such a quick sew, and works well for a variety of knits.  I also really love the split-hem tutorial.  I find it adds a bit more interest to an otherwise simple top.

This sweater goes really well with jeans (obviously) but I also paired it with a grey pencil skirt and really liked the way that looked.  It also might work well with a collared shirt... so I may give that a go this week.

Not much more to say... but I would highly recommend this pattern!  It makes for a quick sew and a great wardrobe filler!

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