A Totally Me-Made Outfit! Lark Tee & Moss Skirt

I'm back!  Ahh, sorry for the lack of sewing posts... I've simply been too lazy to share :P  I have quite a few items I've been meaning to photograph and share, as well as a bunch more on my to-sew list!

A couple weekends ago, I finished these very spring-y items:  A teal Moss Skirt, and a floral Lark Tee - an entire Grainline outfit!  My first ever moss skirt was a total fail, and it is currently stuffed at the back of my closet somewhere.  As for the lark tees,  I love the three I have already made, but I wanted to try a thicker neckline this time.

It hasn't quite been warm enough yet to wear the skirt, but I have worn the tee multiple times!  It fits perfectly, and I'm really pleased with how the thicker neck band turned out.  It flips up a bit on me, so I'm going to have to stitch it down (eventually).

Not much else to say about the tee, it was super quick and I love it!  Instead of trimming down the bottom hem and keeping the sleeves long, I just double-turned each hem and left them a bit thicker. I'm really pleased with the weight of the thicker waistband!  Adds just a little bit more structure, and it hits at just the right point on my hips.

Now on to the skirt!  I have been hoarding this teal cotton-spandex fabric for a good three years.  I bought it back when I started sewing clothes with the intention of making a pencil skirt.  Well... I find those to be not as flattering on my as I'd like, and when I discovered the Moss Skirt pattern, I was itching to make it in this fabric!  I did lengthen the skirt by about the same length as the bottom band. I'm not a huge fan of how the bottom band looks, so I just kept it all as one piece.  I wish the colour photographed better, but you get the idea!  I didn't bother changing the thread out on my serger, but I actually really like the contrast of the black on the inside!

Eeeep!  A zipper fly!  I had done one before on my fail-skirt, but this one worked out so well!  The only thing I'm not so happy about is my wonky button-hole... I made it too small and then forced the button through.  Whoops!  Oh well, you don't really see it when I'm wearing the skirt anyways.

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