Half-Way There!

Wooohoo!  I made it to the 6-month mark!  Like, three weeks ago...  I can't believe I missed that!

Anywhoo, I'm just really stoked at how well this whole project has been going, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

I think it is actually time for another wardrobe cull... as some of my old store-bought things didn't get any wear over the winter so it's time toss them into the donate pile!

Also, I've only cheated a tiny bit!  Other than buying the allowed underwear/ socks/ etc. I did buy a couple roller-derby tanks and tees... supporting local business and promoting my league!  I think that's justified... and they were things I couldn't realistically make myself, as I couldn't really make my own tee's and have them sent away for the screen-printing.

Welp, other than that I have a couple things to blog (moss skirt, more lark tees, a fen dress, a nita wrap-skirt, the hayden tee) and a few things on my list to get done in time for Me-Made-May 2016!

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