IKEA Canvas A-Frame Skirt

Have I told you guys how much I love the A-Frame Skirt pattern?  Because OMG you guys, it is SUCH a great pattern.  Definitely underrated in my opinion - why don't I see more of these out there?!  I've already made one in a fantastic orchid-print cotton sateen (it gets almost weekly wear!) and I have at least 2 or three more lined up in my fall sewing queue.  It's the pefect skirt for work, and I just can't get over how well it fits and how easily it comes together.  Oh, and it has POCKETS.  You can't beat a skirt with pockets!

Now, you might remember the Portside Duffle I made a while back with some great canvas I bought at IKEA.  Well, I had juuuuust enough left over to squeeze out a skirt!

I actually wore this skirt to work today!  I took a few new blog photos over the weekend, and realized I hadn't posted about this one when I took the photos back at the beginning of July.  Whooops!

I also made the grey lark tee I'm wearing - which I started over a year ago and finally got around to actually hemming shortly after finishing this skirt so I could wear them together.  Usually for work I'll pair this skirt with the grey tee and a navy cardigan, or with a salmon-coloured Lark tee I haven't gotten around to blogging.  Today it was a bit cooler in the morning, so I wore the skirt with a chambray button-up shirt.  I'm still trying to figure out what else would go well with this skirt... but it is nearly fall so it will move out of my regular rotation (can I still wear it after labour day because of the white?!? eh...)

While I do really like this skirt, the fabric is a touch on the heavy side.  There is little to no stretch, so if I have a big lunch I might be a wee bit uncomfortable sitting at my desk... but overall it's not difficult to wear.

Before learning how to sew, and early on in my sewing adventures I shied away from wearing and making pencil skirts... mostly because of how I felt they fit and didn't flatter my body.  I always felt just a bit too chubby wearing them. I was pretty tentative in even making the first iteration of this pattern for fear that it wouldn't look good.  BUT this pattern is shaped in a way that seems to minimize that bit of belly-pooch, and the knee-length is juuuust right.  You guys, I feel AMAZING in this skirt pattern. If you're like me and have been avoiding pencil skirts, please give this pattern a try. It was the exact thing my wardrobe and self-esteem needed. 

I realize now that I'm posting this, I totally meant to take a photo holding my matching duffle bag... dang it!  That will have to wait for another day.

If I haven't said it enough already, I LOVE THIS PATTERN.  Keep an eye out for more fall and winter-ready versions over the coming months!

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