Felt-Food Vegetable Garden

I shared this on my instagram a couple weeks ago, and then promptly forgot to blog about it. Surprise, surprise!

Aaaaages ago, I spotted this adorable little felt-food vegetable garden on pinterest.  I saved it, with hopes to one day make one for my (future) babies, or friends' babies.  Dear friends of ours had a little boy last year, and I thought this would make the perfect first-birthday present!  This was a really fun change from my usual sewing of clothing for myself, and was a good way to learn some new hand-sewing skills.  

So, I found various patterns for different vegetables using this AMAZING list of felt food tutorials from Apartment Therapy.  I settled on strawberries, potatoes, carrots, and beets.

Anywhoo, following the various tutorials and patterns, everything came together relatively easily!  I managed to find all the necessary materials (the box, felt, fibrefill, and pipe cleaners) at Michaels.  I also had some chalk paint kickin' around from when I painted a cupboard at our old apartment so I added a little stripe on the box.

I think my favourite part is the strawberries - which you can actually pick!  They have little velcro circles attached ;)

I tried to take some progress photos... but somehow forgot for the strawberries, beets, and carrots... whoops!  Not much more to say, so here's a dump of pictures!

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