Grey & Silver Dot Kalle Shirt

When one of your favourite pattern designers releases a pattern that is almost your name (it's actually the mis-pronunciation of my name I get all the time), you obviously have to make it.

Enter, the Kalle Shirt & Dress from Closet Case Patterns.  If I haven't documented my love for Heather's patterns enough... you should know that I looooooove her patterns.  She's really been killin' it this summer with the Kalle Shirt & Dress and the Charlie Caftan.


Anyways, the style is definitely something different for me, and I wanted to go all out and use a fabric that is a departure from my usual as well.  Well... I ended up with a garment that definitely looks cool on the hanger, but I not sure of how well it suits me... ah well.  I have worn it to work once and was complimented by a coworker, so I'll count that as a win!

I managed to squeeze the tunic-length version out of 2m of a skinny Nani Iro double gauze, but in the process neglected to actually cut the front out on the fold.  Smooth move, there dummy.  However!  I did manage to save it by sewing the two sides together with a teeeeny 1/4" seam allowance, and it seemed to work out OK with the button placket.

I really liked the look of the reverse-pleat versions I saw on instagram, so I went with that.  Really pleased with how it turned out.

This is the first time I've actually sewn a proper button-up shirt with buttons.  I finally got around to getting an actual button-hole foot (what the hell was I waiting for?!?) as well as some fray-check so I could finally conquer sewing buttonholes.  I think they turned out alright for a first go!  A little wonky... but you would have to be staring pretty close to see it.  I'm also really happy with how my little breast pocket turned out.  I played around with the positioning a bit, and moved it up about an inch or so from where it is marked on the pattern.

Also, since I was just squeaking by with enough fabric for this top, I had to use a contrasting fabric for the bias hem.  I had some of the moon-phase fabric leftover from my Camping Quilt, and I thought the silver in the moons would look nice with the grey fabric.  Ehhh... it turned out just ok.  I might actually come back and change it a bit, but for now it's fine.

Oh!  I also brought the back hem up a few inches as well.  I'm not huuuge on the whole high-low thing, and didn't really like how far down the back of the shirt fell.  I've only worn this top with jeans so far, but I just bought some faux-leather panel leggings that might go with this as well... so the tunic length is still long enough to cover my bum for wearing leggings-as-pants ;)

I didn't really take many proper photos of myself wearing this shirt, but here's a couple awkward selfies and a pose in our living room.  Pleas don't mind the weird hair tied back in braids...

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