Geometric Burn-Out Scout Tee

One of my favourite parts about sewing my own clothing is when you have an idea for a garment, and it turns out exactly how you pictured it.  I bought this fabric nearly a year ago, and just last month got around to sewing the shirt I had pictured.  

Like, this is literally exactly what I had in mind.  Ahh!  So pleased!  As you probably could have guessed, it's the Grainline Scout Tee pattern!  This pattern is so darn versatile, and it is simple enough that it lets the beautiful fabric stand out on it's own.
This tee goes so perfectly with a white or black cami underneath, paired with jeans.  It's perfect for wearing to work on Fridays, or could be dressed up for a night out.  Hahahaha who are we kidding, I haven't gone out for a night out in ages!  At least I have a tee in my wardrobe that's ready to go just in case ;)

Also - I'm really digging the paint colour we chose.  It is SO perfect for these kinds of pictures!

When I bought the fabric, I was taking a bit of a gamble.  I've never sewed with something like this, and I don't have anything remotely similar already in my wardrobe.  A dear friend said this might be her favourite thing she's seen me make, so I would say the gamble paid off!  

Because the fabric is sheer, it was really easy to match the pattern across the shirt so that it looks even.  I'm still honing my pattern-matching skills, so this was good practice.

Anyways, there you have it!  Not much more to say about this one, I'm just really happy with it!

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