Colourful Polka-Dot Willow Tank Dress

After starting my dress-sewing adventures making mostly fit & flare type dresses, I never would have thought that I could look good in a sheath or a-line dress.  For whatever reason, I just didn't think the look was for me.  After sewing the Seamwork Adelaide Dress, I've totally changed my mind!  I can actually wear that silhouette!  Hooray!

Enter the Willow Tank & Dress from Grainline Studio.  Why, oh why, did I take so long to make one of these?  So simple, flattering, and easy to wear.

This was such a quick sew, and it has been well worn since I made it back in the early spring.  Total humblebrag here - I've had a bunch of compliments on it from several women at work, on the shape, the fabric choice, and the fit. Feels pretty great!  I usually wear it with a long RTW cardigan I bought ages ago, but I am definitely planning on replicating it using the Driftless Cardi pattern from Grainline at some point.

The only thing I'm not thaaat happy with is how the little waist pleat turned out.  I didn't mark my fabric before sewing, so it turned out a bit wonky.  Oh well!  It's hard to tell unless you take a really close look at the garment when I'm not wearing it, so I'm not going to worry about it.  I'll just make sure to actually follow the directions the next time I sew one of these.

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