Top 5 Projects of 2016!

Holy crap - how on earth have we already made it to mid-December?  Someone on Monday mentioned that we're less than two weeks from Christmas and I almost peed my pants.  It just completely snuck up on me!  I feel like this happens every year... but this year especially as there has been so much going on lately!  First we bought a house, then I got my Professional Engineers License and all that comes along with that, and then we moved in this past weekend!  Wee!

Anyways!!  Gillian over at Crafting a Rainbow (holy crap if you're not following her get thee to her blog!  She's absolutely delightful!) has a wonderful series summarizing her best (and not-best) projects of the past year.  I think it is a fantastic way to look over the things we've all made and be proud of what we've learned and accomplished with each new project.

So, without further ado, hop on past the jump to see my #sewingtop5 for 2016!
1. Black & Gold Dot Sophie Swimsuit

I am SO pumped about this swimsuit.  It's the first one I sewed, and it turned out better than I could have expected.  It got a bunch of wear over the summer, and I'm super pumped to pop over to the nordic spa nearby and show it off at some point this winter ;)

Oh boy do I love this dress.  The fabric, the snaps, the fit - everything!  I was actually pretty skeptical of how this dress would look on me, but I was so pleasantly surprised.  I wore it almost weekly to work over the summer, and even to a friend's casual beach-y wedding in August.

Yet another dress that I found myself reaching for quite often during the summer.  I made this during Me-Made-May this year, and it probably got the most wear over that month out of any of my other makes.  It could be easily worn to work with a cardigan and strappy sandals, or thrown on with some birkenstocks for a beer on the patio.  Not to mention, it's like wearing secret pajamas!

Yep, another summer dress!  I also reached for this one on a nearly weekly basis, as it was just right for work on those stinkin' hot summer days.  The fabric (a heavier, totally opaque rayon of sorts) was just flowy enough, and just silky enough that I was totally comfortable in the hot weather.  I wore this out on a fancy date night with my husband and felt like a million bucks!  It also paired well with a cardigan for the office :)

5. Constellation Pyjamas

I love love love these PJs!  I was originally going to make a dress out of the fabric, but when I realized I needed some PJ shorts, this fabric was the obvious choice.  I've worn this set more times than I can count, and they were my favourite to bring along on our camping trips.  

So there you have it!  My Top Five Best Projects of the past year!  I'm really proud of pretty much everything I've made over the last year, and that I successfully finished my year-of-sewing challenge this past October.  I'm already making lists of what I want to get done in 2017, and I can't wait to share my makes with you fine folks.  Happy sewing, and Happy New Year!!

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