Ahh! We Bought a House!!

AHHHH!! Seriously, I am SO dang EXCITED!  We bought a house in October, and we'll be moving in this week.  The best part?!?  I GET MY OWN SEWING ROOM!!  (second best part being we don't have to put up with a shitty neighbour across the hall!)  Ohhhmygoodness I am so excited to have my own little space to keep all my sewing stuff and ongoing projects.

The new house is a late 1950's bungalow that was for sale by the original owner.  It's in an up-and-coming neighbourhood, so we were happy to get in before the house prices sky-rocket (it's no Toronto, but houses ain't cheap in Ottawa!)  The place is in really great condition, but needs some updating and a new coat of paint.  The yard is a blank slate with lots of room for gardening, and I'll have a great backyard to take blog photos in!  It even has a nice big window over the kitchen sink - one thing I always loved about the house I grew up in!  We're just so darn excited to settle in and make this place our own.  We really do love our current apartment (it's served us well for nearly 3 years) but it was time to branch out and have a home of our own.


In our little apartment, my husband and I shared the (tiny, like teeeeny-tiny) second bedroom as our office/ sewing space.  It was fine when only one of us was in there at a time, but really not that functional if Matt was working on a programming project and I needed to spread out and cut a pattern.  

Now, we'll each have our own rooms (both bigger than the one we were sharing) to spread out in and decorate how we want.
The future sewing room was used as a dining room by the original owners, hence the light fixture and fancy closet doors.  It doesn't have an actual door to the room, so that's something we'll have to install eventually.  So much for leaving the room a total mess!

I haven't yet decided how I'm going to decorate, or what colour I'm going to paint, but I've been saving a bunch of ideas on my "future sewing room" Pinterest board.  Here's a couple things that I'm really digging!

(credit: 1, 2, 3, 4)

Anyways, we have just 5 (yes 5!!) more days to go until we move in, and all of my sewing things are packed up in boxes.  I have a few things I've sewn over the past couple months that I can share with you before I get sewing again, so keep an eye out for those ;)

If you ever find yourself having to pack up your sewing room, turns out fabric makes a great box-stuffer!!

As I unpack and start decorating my new room I'll be sure to keep you updated!  Keep an eye out on my Instagram for progress photos.

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