Life Update - Professional Level-Up!!

Just a quick departure from the usual sewing updates!  In addition to recently buying a house (and moving in this past weekend!) I've had some pretty exciting things happen!  I recently received my Professional Engineering License!  If you're not familiar with the whole thing, to be able to practice as a Professional Engineer, and legally call oneself a Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario, one must be licensed by the Professional Engineers of Ontario.  Here's a blurb from their website:
Ontario professional engineers are part of a community of more than 80,000 PEO licence and certificate holders committed to enhancing the quality of life, safety and well-being in the province. The P.Eng. designation represents high standards of engineering knowledge, experience and professionalism. To become a professional engineer in Ontario, you must be licensed by Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO).
[...] PEO has governed its licence and certificate holders and regulated professional engineering practice to serve and protect the public of the province.  [...] PEO also raises public awareness of its role and of engineering as a licensed profession. Only a PEO licence holder can take responsibility for professional engineering work in Ontario; only a PEO Certificate of Authorization holder can offer or provide engineering services to the public. 
So, to become licensed, I have had to work in my field (water resources/ stormwater management) for 4 years after graduating and prove through a Professional Practice Exam and through my experience as and Engineering Intern that I am qualified to be licensed as a Professional Engineer.  So, not to toot my own horn (totally tooting my own horn) but I'm pretty dang proud of this accomplishment.  And what's a blog for if you're not going to brag about something cool you accomplished every once in a while?  So there you have it!  Just a bit more about me, and what I'm up to when I'm not busy sewing ;)  I sadly didn't wear any me-made items to the certificate ceremony this past Thursday as all my clothes were packed up for our move the following day!

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