Black & Gold Dot Sophie Swimsuit

TaaDaah!  I made a swimsuit!! Well... I actually made three this summer - but here's the first one I finished. When Heather Lou of Closet Case Files started teasing her new swimsuit pattern earlier in the summer I could hardly contain my excitement! I had been wanting to try my hand at sewing a swimsuit, but I wanted a pattern with cups. Lo and behold - the Sophie Swimsuit! A great pattern for those of us looking for a bit of support in our swimwear.

Yep! I'm sharing photos of myself in a swimsuit on the internet. What of it? I had been meaning on having Matt take some photos of me while we were camping earlier this month, but we were too busy swimming and lazing about.

I am so dang pleased with how well this suit fits, and how incredibly flattering the cut is. If you've been meaning to try your hand at swimwear sewing - get your hands on this pattern! I managed to scoop up one of the kits that was sold along with the pattern release, and I went with the gold dot & black kit. I also opted to purchase the sew-along workshop since this was an entirely new thing for me, and I'm so glad I did! The workshop was so helpful, and Heather is a fantastic teacher. 

Anyways, here are a few more photos! These were taking after our camping trip, so don't mind the odd tan lines.

Where I attached the back strap loops ended up with some weird pulling, and the suit didn't feel quite so secure... so I just crossed the straps.  Next time, I'll probably place them further out.

I opted to omit the underwires - I was happy with the coverage of the foam cups and the support provided by the cup sans wire... definitely more comfortable and easier to stuff into a camping pack.

I am so in love with the gold dot lycra!! When I first put the suit on, I felt like how I imagine Beyoncé feels. So I nick-named this suit my "Bey-thing suit" ;)

And the inside!  You can see that the stitching on the underwire casing wasn't great.... but it seemed to look fine from the inside!

And that's that!  I really am quite proud with how well this turned out (and super glad I didn't screw up and waste the gorgeous lycra)!  I was definitely a bit fearful of sewing swimwear, but it's really not much more complicated than sewing up any other garment.  I still have lots of swimwear fabric and notions left... but I'll save those for next summer!

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