Well then - we've made it through 2016 (well... just a few more hours to go here)!  It was one heck of a year with lots of ups and downs... and lots of sewing!  I haven't really sewn much over the past couple months due to our big move, but I do have lots of sewing plans for the upcoming year!

Over on her blog, Rochelle New has a wonderful way of looking ahead to sewing projects planned for the new year with her #2017MakeNine series.  She started it last year, inspired by the instagram "best nine" posts that everyone was posting.  I don't know why I missed out on participating last year... so I'm jumping on it this year!  Click on through for my list of to-sew projects for 2017.


I have been procrastinating on this one for way too long!  I bought denim nearly a year ago now to make two pairs of jeans.  My two good pairs have holes in them and I just bought a "filler" pair to keep me going until I get this one done.  

I've actually kind of started a muslin of sorts for this one, and I'm not terribly pleased with the fabric. I did just purchase some gorgeous floral cotton sateen that will be perfect for a late winter/ spring/ summer version of this skirt.

I bought a bunch of cotton shirting fabric with a birthday gift card back in the summer with the intention of making a couple of these then... whoops!  To work through my stash I'll hopefully get a couple of these done this year.

I just ordered some rayon, and have some in my stash that will be perfect for this dress.  This will probably happen later on in the spring and summer.

Now, I've already sewn a few of these... but I need to get a better fit with the neck line. Adding this as my list of things to tackle, as I have some fabric that will be perfect for a fun Emery Dress!

I bought this pattern as a package a while ago, and I have some gorgeous plum-coloured sweatshirt knit that is taking up space in my stash and would be perfect for this pattern.  Hopefully I'll get this done in the next couple weeks in time for the coldest part of the winter.

I bought some gorgeous cotton-silk a while ago with the intention of making this pattern... obviously that didn't get done either!  Whoops!  It will go nicely with a boxy-tee I have planned in a white burnout fabric that I bought in the summer.

Once again, something I meant to sew this summer but just didn't get around to.  I have some black gingham that I want to make into this dress, as well as a failed yellow dress I tried to make years ago that I'm going to try to re-make with this pattern.

And now something to go on top of all of those dresses!  I have some rainbow-sprinkle-heather sweater knit that is going to be sooo nice with this pattern.

'Phew!  Well, I've got lots ahead of me, but I'm pretty stoked to finish getting my sewing room in order and get back to lots of sewing.  Wishing you all a very happy New Year and happy sewing!

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