Jenny Overalls Shorts

I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical of this whole overalls trend that kind of picked up this summer... but the more I saw the different types & patterns popping up, the more they piqued my interest!  Aaaand, leave it to the ladies at Closet Case to release a pattern which was exactly what I was looking for.  I know there are tons of other options, but I typically have very good luck with the drafting from Closet Case, so I snapped up a copy of the Jenny Overalls, ordered the snaps & buttons, picked up some canvas from IKEA, and set to work.

The first pair was my "wearable muslin" in a bluey-green canvas fabric.  They turned out... just ok.  Having made the Ginger Jeans with little alteration to the pattern, I was pretty confident in going into these with no changes, sewing up a straight size 14 as my measurements were just about bang-on (40/33/42).  That was probably my first mistake.  The Jenny's are drafted using a different block than the Gingers, and the changes resulted in the waistband of these overalls being a smidge too tight, and the rise being too short (ouch!)



Tulip Festival Penny Dress

WHAA?!  A blog post?  It's been a while, eh?  I actually haven't gotten around to taking photos of any of my newer makes, so I'll be posting here & there some "older" makes from earlier in the year that I do already have photos for.

I really, really love it when you find a fabric that pairs so well with a certain pattern.  I saw this cotton-linen blend at Fabricland back in the early, early spring when I was there with a friend from OGG exec, when I expressed how much I liked it (because omg floral cotton-linen) she suggested making a dress in time to take photos at the Canadian Tulip Festival.  DUH, PERFECT IDEA (thanks Crystal!)  I just had to decide on a pattern....