Jenny Overalls Shorts

I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical of this whole overalls trend that kind of picked up this summer... but the more I saw the different types & patterns popping up, the more they piqued my interest!  Aaaand, leave it to the ladies at Closet Case to release a pattern which was exactly what I was looking for.  I know there are tons of other options, but I typically have very good luck with the drafting from Closet Case, so I snapped up a copy of the Jenny Overalls, ordered the snaps & buttons, picked up some canvas from IKEA, and set to work.

The first pair was my "wearable muslin" in a bluey-green canvas fabric.  They turned out... just ok.  Having made the Ginger Jeans with little alteration to the pattern, I was pretty confident in going into these with no changes, sewing up a straight size 14 as my measurements were just about bang-on (40/33/42).  That was probably my first mistake.  The Jenny's are drafted using a different block than the Gingers, and the changes resulted in the waistband of these overalls being a smidge too tight, and the rise being too short (ouch!)


That being said, these are still super fun to wear, and they're perfect for being out in the garden or a trip to the hardware store.

I went with the button-closure version on both sides for that classic overalls look.  It looks great (even though I had some struggles with the buttonholes on my machine) buuuut they're also terribly hard to get into and out of (because they're so close fitting) when you have to pee! Not fun!

I do really like the huge back pockets though, and the minimal cross-back straps.

Because of the issue with the rise, I really didn't wear this a whole lot this summer.  They've now been put away with the rest of my summer clothes, so we'll see what I think of them next year!  They might end up in the donate/ clothing swap pile after all.

Now I haven't taken a whole bunch of pictures of these ones since they're basically the same.... but I did make a second pair in an even more ridiculous IKEA canvas.  I added an inch to the rise in both the front and back and the fit is a wee bit better... but what I think I really need is to deepen the crotch curve if I do ever make them again.  This pair was made for going to see a Trixie Mattel show!  SO fun!

Working with this fabric was a weee bit of a challenge when it came to placing the pattern pieces.  As a part of the print there are red dots and I really wanted to avoid having any of them show up ANYWHERE near my crotch or butt.  Yikes!!

This pair probably won't get a whole lot of wear... but they might be good to pull out for the odd summer music festival!  Also, I totally got a shout-out on the Closet Case instagram page for these which felt pretty dang fantastic :)  Also - apparently I wasn't the only person on the internet who thought this fabric would make some outrageous overalls - IG user rhesus pieces had the same idea!

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