2018 Wrap-Up & 2019 Make Nine Plans

I realize I never posted my 2018 Make Nine plans on here, so I won't really bother with posting the outcome (I'm very pleased!) since you can find a pretty detailed breakdown over on my instagram account.  I didn't get a whole lot of blogging done, mostly because I didn't make the effort to take photos of a lot of my makes (more on that, over here).  BUT - I really did make a lot of things!!  I've also been more on IG than on my blog since it's just so much faster and easier to share a quick snap of my work outfit for the day, or a story on what I'm working on.  So, despite not being successful at blogging about the things I've made, I've been quite successful in filling my wardrobe with even more me-made items.

On to 2019 plans!!  While I do really like the idea behind the Make Nine Challenge, I realized I didn't really like picking out nine patterns I was going to sew throughout the year.  New, exciting patterns are released, a pattern I chose back in January might just not be my style any more, and I definitely sew WAY more than nine things in a year, so it's not much of a challenge!  So, I revisited the actual goal of the challenge:
This is a gentle challenge. It’s not one that you can fail. It’s meant to be flexible, a tool you can use to evaluate your motivations and needs for working towards specific things as the year goes on. This is meant to be a challenge focused on learning more about yourself and your making habits while achieving goals. Work at your own pace and join in at any time. – That’s it! (Rochelle, Home Row Fibre Co.)
With that in mind, I decided to go about my 2019 Make Nine a lil' bit differently.  CATEGORIES.  There are SO MANY PATTERNS I really want to sew this year, and other things I would like to get done... but I picked a handful of things that aren't on my usual go-to list.  This gives me a whole bunch more flexibility, but still acts as a goal to drive my sewing for the coming year.  Click on through for more deets and some patterns I'm thinking about.

  1.  Bras, undies, and lingerie:  I've just about HAD IT with buying bras.  A couple years ago I got measured and finally understand what bra size I am, and graduated from the bra size I had been wearing since high school.  (Because duh, putting on 40+ pounds since you graduated high school in 2006 means your boobs are probably bigger 🤦‍♀️).  I'm also sick and tired of buying underwear that don't fit the way I want them to.  I want my ass fully covered when wearing skirts and dresses in the summer!!  As for lingerie, I don't actually own any... and I think it's time for some!
  2. Jumpsuits: OMG there have been SO MANY amazing jumpsuit patterns come out recently.  I have been loving seeing people of all sorts of shapes and sizes rocking the most gorgeous jumpsuits, and I think it is time to add a few to my wardrobe.  We have a couple weddings coming up in 2019, and while I usually go for a dress... I think I'm going to make some fancy jumpsuits instead!
  3. Quilts: Matt and I got married in 2014, and I promised him a quilt made with the bunting from our wedding decor for our first anniversary in 2015.  That damn quilt still isn't done yet!  Armed with my new sewing machine, I'm going to get that sucker done well in time for our 5th anniversary this summer.  
    • I've also been sitting on an unfinished Polarity Quilt that I took a class for back in 2017; 
    • and I've had a kit, fabric, batting, and thread all ready to start a Haptic Lab Constellation quilt... and it's been sitting on my shelf for far too long.
    • We're also in need of a new bed quilt (I made one nearly 6 years ago!)  I made a small Maypole Quilt a while back, and I would really love to make a queen-sized one in some essex linen fabric.
    • You know those weddings we have coming up this summer?  They're both for very dear, life-long friends so natch, they're getting quilts ;)
  4. Pants:  I made more pants in 2018 than ever before!  But... only a couple of pairs actually get regular wear.  I've also found that while I do looove wearing skirts and dresses to work... I lean more heavily to pants/ shorts for casual wear.
  5. Pinafores:  Oh boy am I a fan of the pinafore trend.  They're so great for layering, and with a good fabric choice, you can wear them year-round by switching out what you wear underneath.
  6. Things for Matt:  Ok, so I haaaate the term "selfish sewing".  It's my hobby, so I sew things for myself.  That being said, I do like making the odd thing for Matt.  I find it really challenging sewing something fitted for another person, but it's a great way to grow my sewing skills.  If he won't let me go shopping for him, I'll just have to make him some things!  All patterns below are from Thread Theory.
  7. Woven collared shirts:  I am sorely lacking some me-made woven collared shirts in my wardrobe.  However - the few that I have made I am so pleased with since with RTW I seriously struggle with finding a shirt with proper bust dart placement, and gaping between the buttons.  I've been stashing some super cute novelty-esque prints to sew up a whole bunch of shirts for the spring.
  8. Loungewear:  My PJ drawer is overflowing with Hudson Pants, and I have a handful of leggings in the regular rotation... but I feel like I need some more around-the-house-wear and/or nicer PJ sets that are easy to throw on after a day at work, wear all morning on the weekends, or hanging out in a park or on the beach.
  9. Jackets:  I do have a couple me-made jackets in my wardrobe (Robson Trench, Kelly Anorak), but I feel like I'm lacking in the light-weight-cool-dry-spring-day category, and the cold-but-not-cold-enough-for-a-parka category.  I love my Anorak... but I do want something a little fancier/ less utilitarian looking. 
And there we have it!!  I'm obviously not going to sew allll those patterns, but I figured I would jot them down to be able to come back to, and to give you an idea of where I'm going with my categories.  I've said it in the past and not followed through... but I really am going to try to make an effort to blog more.  I've re-organized my sewing room a bit and have an excellent spot to take photos... so no more excuses!

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