Happy Halloween!

Happy halloween, fellow sewists!  I didn't get around to sewing a costume this year, and just ended up wearing my roller derby stuff (skates too!) to work on Friday.  So, I'm sharing last year's costume!

Last year I stumbled across some fantastic water droplet printed cotton, and since my job revolves around rain and water, I figured dressing up as Ms. Frizzle from the water cycle episode would be perfect.  I whipped up a dress, wore it over a white button-up, and made a school bus + Liz out of a kleenex box and some construction paper.


Hollyburn Skirt

Finally!  Some a-line/ flared skirts to add to my wardrobe.  After finishing off those dang pencil skirts I probably won't wear any time soon I had to add some more fall-appropriate flared skirts to my wardrobe.  Sewaholic's Hollyburn Skirt fit the bill perfectly.


Seamwork Astoria Top

I've been meaning to post my first Seamwork Astoria Cropped Sweater for a little while now - I actually sewed this one up a few weeks ago - I just keep forgetting to get some pictures of it!  The weather is kind of crummy today and I'm not really in the mood for taking pictures of myself, so here are some pictures of the top on my dress form.


Colette Mabel Knit Pencil Skirt

Ugh, you guys.  Every fall I trick myself into thinking that pencil skirts are flattering on me.  Every fall I realize that they really are not.

Maybe I'm just wearing them wrong?  Maybe I actually need to wear heels with them and not some shabby flats?  Who knows.  Anyways, I sewed up a couple of the Colette Mabel pencil skirts, and they'll probably just hang in my closet for a bit.


Follow Me on Bloglovin'!!

Woop woop!  I've had this set up for a little while, and it makes it soooo much easier to follow all my favourite sewing blogs :)  If you read lots of blogs, it's a great way to stay caught-up all in one spot.

More Lark Tee's!

Ah!  Finally getting back to posting about the clothes I've made recently.  I've been busy trying to get some pieces done so I could stop wearing jeans to work everyday (whoops!) so I haven't had a ton of time to get out to take photos when it's light out, and to write about the things I've made.

Anyways, I received some fabric I ordered from Hawthorn Threads last week, and managed to whip up two new Lark Tees from Grainline Studios.  I started with the boat-neck 3/4 sleeve version (you can see that one here), so I figured I would make two long-sleeve versions.  One with a crew neck, and one scoop-neck.  I've never sewn anything with a neck-band before, so I was a bit nervous getting started.  Once I got going though and made sure everything was pinned properly, sewing on the neckband was easy!  I am really loving my new serger for sewing with knits, I was able to whip up these shirts in about an hour each.


Pattern Organization

Over the past few weeks I've been collecting a bunch of patterns to make up my sewn wardrobe for this year.  I've been printing them out instead of buying the paper patterns, and the organization of all the paper pieces has gotten a bit out of control!  I don't have a huge sewing space, so I can't really have pattern pieces sitting all of the place.  So, I got together some envelopes and a box from Ikea to get everything in order.


Thanksgiving Weekend Sewing

Well well, that was quite a relaxing long weekend.  Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers! My husband and I usually travel back to our hometown of Guelph to celebrate the holiday with family, but this weekend we decided to stay put and have an easy-going Thanksgiving for two.

With all the free time we had this weekend, I managed to get a bit of  much-needed sewing done! I'll have some skirts and tops to share with you later on this week.

Cheers, and hope you had a great turkey-day!


The Robson Coat!

It's done it's done it's done!  Oh thank goodness I'm finally done with this coat.  I thought it might never end!  I've finally completed my version of the Robson Coat by Sewaholic Patterns.

First, off here's some 'before' and 'after' photos: