Pink Blanca Flight Suit - Closet Core Patterns Test

Finally!  I've been meaning to get around to taking photos and doing this blog post for ages, and I've finally found the time and energy.

Back at the end of February/ beginning of March right before everything changed due to COVID-19, I was asked to be in the tester group for the Closet Core Blanca Flight Suit!!  I had signed up earlier in the year to be added to the group testing the 14-30 size range for Closet Core and I was SO excited to get this email.  It's been nearly a decade since I really wore a pair of coveralls (if you went to University for Engineering in Ontario/ Canada, you know what I'm talking about!) so I was stoked to make my own pair.  There have been a ton of coveralls/ jumpsuit/ boiler suit patterns out there recently... but none of them caught my eye the way Blanca did. [...]