Sewing Christmas Presents: Quilted Pillows

Merry Christmas!!  Over the past couple years I've chosen not to sew any Christmas presents, as I inevitably procrastinate and then stress out over not getting things done on time.  Even if my blog doesn't show it (holy shit do I have a backlog of things to post) I've had a really productive year of sewing mostly for myself, and I've kind of rekindled a joy of quilting.  SO, I figured it was time to make some gifts for my family this year.  Also, I figured it might make up for me not actually being there on Christmas ;)

Anyways!  I have had my eye on the Dogs in Sweaters pattern since we have a few (past & present) weiner dogs in the family.  From there, I figured I could make animal-themed pillows for everyone.  Weiner dogs for my sister and grandparents, elephants (dints!) for my brother & his girlfriend, and some birds for my parents.

For each of the pillows I used the following patterns:
Click through for details pictures of each! [...]


Two Emmas & Two Wedding Quilts

Okay, okay... I do enjoy some quilting from time to time.  Although garment making is definitely my first love, I started my sewing adventure learning how to quilt.  I went through a phase where I HATED quilting once I started sewing clothing, but I've learned to slow down and really enjoy the process.  Using larger blocks also helps!

Matt and I were invited to two weddings this September, two weekends back-to-back, each for our respective friends named Emma!  Depending on the time I have before a wedding, I do occasionally like to make a quilt as a gift.  Especially when I know the couple will really enjoy the end product.  I had two 10"-square packs of different fabrics I had bought earlier in the year anticipating these weddings, so sewing these together didn't take terribly long and I really love the look of the finished quilts.