Two Emmas & Two Wedding Quilts

Okay, okay... I do enjoy some quilting from time to time.  Although garment making is definitely my first love, I started my sewing adventure learning how to quilt.  I went through a phase where I HATED quilting once I started sewing clothing, but I've learned to slow down and really enjoy the process.  Using larger blocks also helps!

Matt and I were invited to two weddings this September, two weekends back-to-back, each for our respective friends named Emma!  Depending on the time I have before a wedding, I do occasionally like to make a quilt as a gift.  Especially when I know the couple will really enjoy the end product.  I had two 10"-square packs of different fabrics I had bought earlier in the year anticipating these weddings, so sewing these together didn't take terribly long and I really love the look of the finished quilts.

To make the quilts, I cut each of the 10" squares into half-square-triangles (HSTs) and paired them up light-dark.  From there, I played around with the placement, and ended up with the same sort of layout, changing the direction the triangles are facing. 

If you're noticing a different photo backdrop from usual.... I was at my parent's place the week between the two weddings since they were in that end of Ontario, and was able to get some great natural-light shots in their living room ;)

Quilt #1 for Emma & Dennis:

and Quilt #2 for Emma & Kevin

and a bonus shot from when I was hand-stitching the binding on the second quilt:

Wilson, my parents' weiner dog snuggled right under the quilt! So cute!

Anywhoo, there you have it!  The quilts are both lap size, and are great for two people to snuggle under on the couch ;)

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