Green Denim Lander Pants

I have THE BEST story to tell about these pants.  I made them back in October, just in time to attend a conference on Women in Engineering.  Just after joking with some coworkers about not needing to attend the "Branding Yourself" panel because "my social media is on point"... I was recognized by a fellow sewist (from Winnipeg?!?) JUST BECAUSE OF MY PANTS!!  It seriously made my day, and it was SO much fun to meet a fellow sewist/ engineer!

These are my second pair of the True Bias Lander Pants, but the first ones up on the blog.  My first pair is made with some very summery Essex Linen, and are currently hanging out in a box in my closet until springtime rolls around again.  This pair is made using some amazing green non-stretch denim, purchased wayyy back in August.

At first I really wasn't sure about wide-leg pants... but then found myself in the mall last summer and tried on a pair at the Gap.  I was sold, immediately!!  I neeeeded some linen flowy pants in my life.  So I made up the first linen pair, and was blown away by the fit.  I fit bang-on with a straight-size 14 (34.5" waist, 42.5" hip).  I took the waist in juuust a smidge for a more snug fit, but other than that, I made no alterations.  One thing I will do next time is add on ~2" in length, as this denim shrunk wayyy up and I only had enough room for a tiny hem - not the thicker one as outlined in the pattern.  Should have added the extra length from the start though... since the pattern is drafted for someone 5'5" and I'm 5'7"... whoops!

The pockets on this pattern are the greatest.  You get the chance to line the front ones with a fun contrast fabric and the size is just perfect.  I don't really tend to carry a lot of things in my pockets aside from my phone.... but I want the room to put my hands!  Nothing looks sillier than trying to stick your hands in tiny pockets.  The back ones also sit juust right on the tush.

I haven't actually worn these pants a ton... mostly because long & wide-leg pants really don't work in the winter here, and because I really don't have the right winter/ office shoes to go with these pants.  They will definitely get more wear as the snow melts so I can wear them with my various keds and flats OR with the fantastic clogs I bought (which are still somewhere in the mail...) so I can join the cult of the clog-wearing-sewing-bloggers ;)

One of my favourite parts of learning to sew myself well-fitting pants is how GREAT my bum looks, AND feels.  There is nothing else quite like the perfect hug of a nice denim on your butt.  Is that weird?  I don't care.  It is so darn comfortable, and makes me feel great.  This denim, being non-stretch does have the tendency the "bag-out" towards the end of the second wear before washing... so that kind of sucks.  Otherwise, I really love these pants.  I have plans for a few pairs of Lander shorts this summer in some other fun colours, but will likely do the zipper-fly add on, since I find the button-front pulls a bit across my stomach when sitting, and it's not a great look.

One tiny last thing to add - I really do hope to be back to blogging more regularly now.  I struggled in the past with taking blog photos and really not liking how I looked, or struggling with getting the photos to actually look good.  The photos of these pants in particular have TOTALLY changed that.  I managed to get a good set-up in my sewing room, find an app that takes a bunch of photos without needing to use a clicker, and I'm just in a much better place with loving my body as it is now.  Yay!

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