Me-Made-May 2017: Week 1 Wrap-Up

Weee!  I made it through the first week successfully!  I even had a couple days where I wore more than one me-made, not counting my new Kelly Anorak.  If I were feeling lazy, I could have just counted that as my one-daily me-made, but I figured that would be kind of cheating.  Anyways - here's a summary of what I wore for the first week:

2) Polka-dot Willow Tank Dress (not yet blogged!), Kelly Anorak, Aires Leggings
7) Blue-Strip Hudson Pants (yes, again!)

Woo!  A total of 8 different me-mades!  Some are just so great, they get multiple wears through the week ;)

I've also been successful with not buying any new fabric for garment making purposes!  Although, it has been kind of challenging as there have been SO many gorgeous spring and summer fabrics released recently.  This might be more of a challenge than I was bargaining for!

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