Me-Made-May 2017 Final Wrap-Up & Last Few Days

IT'S DONE!!! FINALLY DONE!  I get excited about MMMay every year, but by the end of it I am so darn glad that it's over - mostly because the selfies get annoying, and my IG feed is just other people taking selfies.  Not that I don't enjoy it - it's just gets repetitive after a couple weeks and it is SO difficult to keep up with what everyone is doing!

Anyways - this year's MMMay was a great success.  My me-made wardrobe has expanded pretty significantly since last year (thanks to having my own sewing room, and feeling much more confident in my skills) and I didn't have as much trouble finding things to wear every morning - even with the crazy weather we've been having.  As with last year, I found that I need more semi-casual tops to pair with jeans - or I just need to make my own damn jeans (something I keep putting off!)

So, here's a summary of the last three days and links back to the past 4 weeks of Me-Made-May 2017.

Week 5ish:

Day 31:  Dotted Willow Tank Dress

I actually finished off the week wearing me-made tops - the red chambray willow tank I wore last Friday and the geometric burnout scout tee from last Tuesday :)

ALSO!  I didn't post about these, since I haven't finished making all the pairs I have cut up, but I made a few pairs of Scrundlewear!  Which I wore under most of my flowy skirts and dresses.  I had been looking for some new boyshorts since they provide a bit more butt-coverage in case of a gust of wind - but all of the ones I found in-store had centre-seams.  WHO the HELL wants a centre-seam up their centre-seam?!?!  No thank you.  So I made my own - and they are THE most comfortable pair of underpants I have ever worn - hands down.  I splurged on some meundies a while ago and I thought those were the best you could get. The best part about making your own undies?  You can make them from scraps!  I have so many knit scraps stashed away, I could probably make a months-worth of my own underpants.  Here's a peek at the first three pairs I made:

Anyways - all this to say that while MMMay is fun, it does get a bit boring towards the end of the month. However - the goal of wearing almost all me-made clothing is a great one to keep working towards, and I'm finding it to be a great way to push myself to try new things.

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