Stripey Hudson Pants

I'm back!  After a bit of a posting & sewing hiatus...

It took us a little while to really get settled in the new house, and I haven't really been sewing that much until recently, no have I had the time (or light!) to take photos of the things I've made over the last couple months.  Most of the things I haven't blogged about I actually made well before we moved... and then my "Year of Sewing" project ended and I needed a serious break from keeping up with the blog and instagram.

So I'm finally back - it's a long weekend here in Ontario and after getting a bunch of chores done yesterday and this morning I can finally plop down and hammer out a few blog posts.  First - another pair of Hudson Pants!  I love this pattern so, so, so much and I don't think I'll ever tire of it.  It is super easy and quick to sew up, and can be used with a variety of knits.  I might actually try to sew up a woven version this summer.

Anyways!  I bought this fantastic navy & teal stripped knit from imagine gnats, and paired it with some navy cotton jersey I had leftover from a pair of Hudson Pants I made for Matt last winter. When I spotted the fabric in the imagine gnats shop, I KNEW it had to become some Hudson Pants.  I actually bought 3 yards of the fabric, since I figured it might make a good Linden sweater or a heavier weight tee or tank.

I really like the contrast of the pockets, waistband, and ankle bands.  The cotton jersey also has a bit better stretch and recovery which works well for the spots that get the most stretch.  I have only made the long length version of the Hudson Pants, but I do tend to pull them up and wear them as cropped pants... so the stretchy-ness of the cotton jersey is perfect.

Because the stripes are so tiny, I wasn't even going to bother trying to match them... however I did manage to get a little bit of accidental stripe matching at some spots along the legs.  Woo!

I can't count how many evenings I've reached for this pair of pants when I get home from work - they're so dang comfy!  I'm really glad I still have about 1 yard of this fabric left too... it is so soft and comfy... should make for a great tank top!  I have the Greenwood Tank in my pattern library, and I've been meaning to give it a go.  At this rate though, if I ever get it sewn I'll be sharing it with you next February ;)

Anywhoo, thats all for now... but I should get a couple more posts queued up for the next couple days/ weeks.

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