Geometric Print Aires Leggings

Another pair of Aires Leggings!  These ones are wayy more comfortable than the mermaid-scale print ones I made a little while ago.  I ordered some fabric from Imagine Gnats during her leap-day sale since I wanted a more practical pair to wear working out and at derby practice.  This pair is a definite success!

As I said above, these tights are dang comfortable!  I could wear these suckers all day.  Although the pattern seems a little bit intimidating, it's really not!  The difficult part is working with the fabric as it is a bit slippery.

Unlike the mermaid leggings, I didn't use a powermesh for the contrast panel.  Since the spandex I was using has a 4-way stretch, I cut the contrast panels on the bias for a bit of a contrast in the pattern.

I'm also really pleased with how well the gusset went in this time!  On my first pair, it took a couple passes - this time I nailed it on the first try!

Anyways, I'm really pleased with how these turned out, and I'm looking forward to wearing them at my next derby practice!

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