Almada Robe

I'm back!! 'Phew, that was a busy couple weeks.  I had a big project going on at work and it was taking up pretty much all of my energy, so by the time I would get home in the evening I really wasn't up for much - including sewing.  This Sunday afternoon I was able to sit down and get started on a couple projects.  First one finished - The Almada Robe from Seamwork.

This pattern was really easy, and quick to sew.  It was nice to take my time with this one, and make sure that all the seams were finished nicely and end up with something cute to hang around the house in.  

There are only four (4) pattern pieces for this robe, so it was a cinch to cut out.  I made the large size, and the pattern calls for 3 5/8 yards of 45" fabric.  I mistakenly only got 3 yards - but was able to cut out all the pieces, with the exception of the cuffs.  Luckily I had some scraps of contrasting fabric in my stash!

I used just a regular quilting cotton (on sale!!) and the robe turned out a bit stiffer than I would have liked (duh - I should have expected this).  However, I'm sure it will soften up in the wash, and I'll toss in a bit of vinegar in the wash to act as a 'natural' fabric softener.

I decided to omit the snap since this is a lazy-day robe, that I'll really only be wearing in the house... I'm not that concerned if it gapes open a bit. 

Although this robe looks really pretty on the hanger, it's kind of awkward to actually wear, especially with the ties closed.  I'm not sure if maybe I made it a size too big, sewed on the ties in a weird spot, or if that's just how it's supposed to be.  Looking at the photos with the model, it does kind of look like it's just an awkward garment.  Ahh well!  It was fun to sew, and will definitely get some wear in the warmer months when my usual robe is a bit too heavy.

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  1. Awkward fit aside, I really love the contrast arms, and your finished seams look so neat!