Baby Sewing!

Hiya!  Good friends of ours recently had a baby in February, which was the perfect excuse to whip up some leggings, hats, and bibs!  There are a ton of baby patterns that come up on pinterest, and although my husband and I aren't planning on kids any time soon, I was dying to give them a try.

SO cute right?!?  I used this pattern for the hats, this one for the leggings, and this one for the bibs.  If you're looking to do some baby-sewing yourself, there are a TON of free patterns like these three out there.

I wanted to stick with unisex colours since I didn't know the sex of le bebe when I gifted these, and I think that went well!  Also, I made the heart-print ones a little smaller than the rest so that the little one could wear them on Valentines day!

The bibs were a bit tricky to figure out at first since the pattern pieces line up a bit funny, but once I got the hang of it, they were really quick to whip up.  The little clasps worked out perfectly too.  The design of the bibs is not only a lot more fun than your typical bib, they will catch drool really well too because of the way they puff-out a bit.

Anyways, this was a fun break from the usual sewing I've been doing and I always love the opportunity to give a handmade gift to a good friend :)

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