Sewing Room Overhaul

HOkay, time for some fun stuff!  Back during the Christmas break, I finally got around to painting and redecorating my sewing room.  Since moving into our house, it has been so nice to have my own space, where I can leave things as-is in the middle of a project and keep it all out of the way.  We have a 3-bedroom bungalow (and no kids for the near future) so Matt and I each have our own spaces to do what we wish with.  I don't really have much more to say other than I LOVE THIS ROOM!  What a difference a fresh coat of paint makes.  The gorgeous wood floors really pop and the room just feels that much more inviting.  It was really nice to finally get some of the art I've been hoarding up on the walls too.  SO, first off are the before photos.

From when we first moved in:

To just before I painted:

You guys.... holy crap was it hard work fixing up the walls.  There were lots of holes, and I needed to sand down and wash them all.

I'm actually still not entirely done... I still haven't painted and re-installed the closet door!  It's hanging out in the basement and I'll get to it eventually ;)

And.... now for the finished room!  I re-arranged where the furniture is, and I like the layout much better.

I've had the Kallax shelves for a while now, but moved them from where they were.  I also got a HUGE (selfie) mirror (see above) and a clothing rack for storing UFOs, items to be photographed, as well as some ongoing projects and fabric.  Pretty much everything in this room is from IKEA, aside from the ironing board.

Here's a couple details if you're curious:

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