Three Little Watson Bras

Oh good gravy I haven't been great with this whole blogging thing.  It's the summer here in Ottawa, meaning it's hot and humid and my sewing room happens to be the hottest damn room in the apartment.  I'm also spending more time outside and out of the house than I do in the cooler seasons, so I'm really not getting tons done sewing wise.

Anyways!  I finished up these three Watson Bras a while back, and I've been meaning to share them.


As a part of this year-long sewing project, I left bras and underwear off the list of things I wasn't allowed to buy, but that I would attempt at some point.  I had read that the Watson Bra, from Cloth Habit was the best place to start, and that buying a kit (like this one from Tailor Made Shop) was a good way to go to get acquainted with the required materials.

I ordered three kits from Tailor Made Shop, and while I was SO pumped about them, I was slightly underwhelmed when they arrived.  There wasn't anything wrong with the kits... it was just that the lace, powermesh, and findings just didn't seem that great.  They're not terrible!  I just feel like the colour matching was off, and they weren't anything better than what I could find at my local Fabricland... and I paid a good amount of money (yikes US exchange rate!) for the kits.  Ahh well, live and learn!

Well dang!!  These bras were SO fun to make!  I was pretty nervous getting started, but once I got the first cup out of the way I was off to the races!  

I'm pretty sure I finished the first bra in under two hours.  That's it!  It turned out to be a bit small and my stitching on the band elastic wasn't great... but I made a functional bra!  I can't tell you how excited I was to show my husband.

After the first kinda-fail bra, I got started on a second - this time in the correct size.  This one turned out MUCH better, and I love the lace so much more than the blue one.

This time, I managed to conceal the rough edges within the cup and the band - much more comfortable!  The sizing was much better, and the band was a lot more comfortable.  The only problem with these lacy bras is that they really aren't that practical for every-day wear.  They sure as hell look cute, but OH man are they uncomfortable on a hot day. 

So, off I went to the mother of all bra-supply on-line stores, Bra-Makers Supply, located in Hamilton, Ontario (yay kinda local!) and owned by the lady I've heard referred to as the "Fairy Bra Mother", Beverly Johnson.  I ordered some more fasteners, straps, band elastics, trim elastics, sliders and rings, and some white powermesh.  The website might be a bit dated, but the selection is incredible!

I have a bunch of knit fabric leftover from other projects, so I figured I would make one of the longline versions in the navy feather knit I had used to make my first Moneta Dress.

This was definitely the most comfortable bra yet, and I think I managed to get the hang of sewing this pattern.  I've worn this one out and about a few times, and really like the more natural breast shape this bra gives me.  The only downside is that you can definitely see my nipples.  Soo... this isn't the most work-appropriate bra.  Alas, it's perfect for camping and hanging around the house in!

Anywhoo... I started up another bra in the same fabric that I made this Lark Tee out of, and haven't really gotten back to finishing it.  Other things got in the way!  

I'm going to try to get back to posting more regularly, as I still have a backlog of projects to share. It's going to be another stinkin' hot weekend, so I might just hole myself up at the coffee shop (air conditioning!) and bang out some more posts.


  1. Have you ever checked out Emerald Erin's store in Belleville? She's got an online bra/swim supply store, and has the cutest little shop space for classes etc. https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/TheEmeraldStudio

    1. Ooh! I've been following her on instagram, but didn't know she had a shop! Thanks for the tip! I'll definitely have to check that out at some point when I'm in the area, or Ottawa and Guelph when visiting family :)