Chambray Seamwork Hayden Tee

Welp, they can't all be perfect... and this one definitely isn't.  When the Seamwork Hayden Tee pattern came out I thought, "Oooooh!  Lovely!" Well... now that I've sewed one up, I can't say I feel the same way.  I'm not putting all the blame on the pattern - I definitely am at fault for this thing turning out not-so-great... I just am really disappointed with how this turned out.

On the hanger, this shirt looks totally OK.  I even added a bit of trim at the bottom band!  The fabric is so so soft (it's the same stuff I made my first Fen Dress out of) and really would make for a perfect woven tee.  Alas, this is far from the perfect tee I was envisioning.

So, for the things I screwed up:
  • The store-bought bias binding I used was double-fold, when I probably should have just used single fold to avoid all the bulk.  The neckline was just too bulky and was a pain to sew.
  • The key-hole at the back turned out just OK.  I didn't get a flat finish, and I find that even with the under stitching, the facing flips out.  Ugh.
  • The button loop is made from braided embroidery thread as I didn't want to fuss with a stupid little loop of fabric.  This just turned out OK.  Oh well!
Aaaand the things that I don't like about the pattern:
  • The neck hole is TOO SMALL.  Like, way too small.  I don't tend like things tight around my neck to begin with, but damn!  This sucker feels like it's choking me!  I could have made the button loop a bit longer, but I really don't think that's the problem.  
  • The princess-seams fall in a funny spot, and don't curve around my breasts the way I would have figured they would.  I guess if you were colour-blocking this shirt they would be a fun detail, but they really aren't functional for fitting.
  • The patterns calls for the bottom band to be cut on the bias.  WHY?!?  This honestly just seems like a waste of fabric if you ask me.  I cut mine with the grainline as I wanted to get the most out of this fabric as possible, and I don't think the fit of the shirt was at all affected by this.  Again, maybe if you had a directional print it would make for a fun contrast... but otherwise the bias-cut of the bottom band seems stupid.  Maybe someone can explain to me why this has been done?
Anyways... here's a few more pictures... you can definitely tell that this shirt is a no-go for me and will probably get turned into something else later... or I'll re-work the neck hole when I'm not so angry at it.

I really wouldn't recommend this pattern unless you're a tiny person with no boobs.  It really is not at all flattering on me, which is too bad because I was so excited about the trim I added!  I definitely won't be making this pattern again.  Sorry Seamwork!  I usually love your stuff... but this one is a total dud.  I think the Scout Tee by Grainline will continue to be my go-to woven tee.