Me-Made-May Week One Wrap-Up!

Me-Made-May 2016 is in full swing!  And so far, it really hasn't been that difficult to keep my promise of wearing at least one me-made thing each day.  Most days I actually wear 2 or more, if you can count pajamas ;)

Here's a look at what I wore each day, with Day 1 at the top left.

Day 3: Green Polka-Dot Dress (older make, so I haven't blogged about it!)
Day 5a: Orange Dot Moneta Dress (new!  will be blogged about soon!)
Day 6: Fishy Scout Tee (also new!  will be blogged about soon!)
Day 7b: Fishy Scout Tee (again!) and Purple Aztec Hudson Pants

'Phew!  Can you tell I like polka dots? 😉   This project has been so fun so far, and it's great to follow the hashtag and see everyone's makes on Instagram!  If you want to see my outfit posts day-by-day, hop on over to my Instagram feed!  I'm going to try and gets some photos that aren't mirror selfies... but they're just the easiest to take in the morning as I'm on my way out the door to work.  We'll see how next week goes!

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