Flamingo Nita Wrap Skirt

New skirt alert!!  I have been sooo lazy with getting this skirt up on the blog - I finished sewing it nearly 2 months ago!  I finally had the chance to wear it today as the weather has finally warmed up. When I bought this amazing Charley Harper fabric (from the lovely imagine gnats shop) I knew I wanted to make it into a skirt, I just couldn't decide which pattern.  Then!  Along came the Sew DIY Nita Wrap Skirt - a perfect match for what I had been thinking of!

This pattern is fantastic!! It comes in three different lengths (mini, midi, and maxi) and has the option for a "modesty panel" to make the wrap style a bit less revealing.

I really wanted to use a pattern that would show off the print, something that would hit around the knee, and I was thinking of a wrap skirt since it can be adjusted to be a bit more comfortable on days where I might be a bit more bloated ;)  So, I went with the tie-off version at the midi length, with a 1.5" hem, turned under twice.

I lucked out and had the perfect colour of thread in my stash, and decided to do a bit of extra top-stitching on the front and at the hem.

I wore this skirt to work today, and realized that I had completely forgotten to sew in the extra little inner snap.... whoops!  Luckily there we're any wardrobe malfunctions, but I'll definitely be adding that little snap in before I wear the skirt again.  Also, if I make another wrap-skirt, I might opt to do the modesty-panel version, since when I'm sitting the skirt shows of a little bit more leg than I'm comfortable with showing at work.  Outside of work?  Totally fine!

Overall, I'm totally in love with this skirt!  It pairs really well with a plain black tee - but I think I could dress it up with a white blouse or a nicer black cami and some heels.

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