Mermaid Tights! - Seamwork Aires

YOU GUYS.  Ohhhhh man am I in love with these tights.  When the Seamwork January Issue came out I thought OHHHmygoodness, I need those cat leggings.  But then I realized I already had a couple other cat-fabrics and that I should find something else to make those leggings with.  Not a word of a lie - I had a dream about mermaid print fabric and hurried over to Spandex House to order some up in bright purple.


Now, you're probably wondering "where on EARTH might you wear leggings like that?!"  Welp, I've recently taken up roller derby and from what I've picked up from my teammates and online is that the funkier the tights, the better!  I wore these to practice last Sunday and everyone loved them!  I might consider buying up a bunch more of the fabric and making some to sell to the other ladies on the team.

The Aires Pattern was really easy to follow, and I'm pretty sure I had these finished within the 3-hour suggested time.  The fabric itself - especially the mesh - was not easy to sew with.  Lots of pinning! I haven't sewn with spandex or mesh before, so it was a bit of a learning curve.  Hopefully with practice it will become easier.  I really like pocket in the back too!  Great for keeping keys/ cards/ tissues/ etc.

The tights fit really well (I made a size Large for reference), and my butt looks great!  (Please excuse gratuitous butt-shot)

I'll definitely be making another pair of these leggings when I can decide on another spandex print!

Also, I wasn't planning on pattern-matching... But the scales on the front of the leggings totally match up!  Weee!

Anywhoo, these were a fun break from the usual sewing!  I'll share a photo from derby practice when I get them!

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