Black Polka Dot Emery Dress

Another Emery Dress!  Much like the last dress I made, I made this one with short sleeves so it would work well for all seasons.

The fabric for this one is super light and airy, so I lined it with some plain black quilting cotton. The lining gives the dress a bit more structure, but it's still very comfortable and light. This dress will be great for the spring and summer!

As I've said before - the Emery Dress pattern is fantastic!  This time I shaved off about 1" from the back bodice pieces, and the fit is a bit better than with the previous dress.  I was also in a bit of a rush with the dress, and totally skipped sewing in pockets.  Oh well!

In the winter I usually stick with dark, plain coloured tights... but I might wear these with some mustard yellow tights... we'll see how that looks!  Purple would be fun too :)

I really love the texture of the fabric too.  The little dots are raised a bit which is fun.  Anyways, not much else to say, but I think this dress might be one of my new favourites!