Hollyburn Skirt

Finally!  Some a-line/ flared skirts to add to my wardrobe.  After finishing off those dang pencil skirts I probably won't wear any time soon I had to add some more fall-appropriate flared skirts to my wardrobe.  Sewaholic's Hollyburn Skirt fit the bill perfectly.

I wasn't really feeling up to taking pictures of me in the skirt, and the weather was pretty crummy, so everything is on the dress form.

This skirt was a dream to sew, and the light-weight polkadot chambray fabric I picked up from Fabrications was just perfect for this pattern.  
This skirt will be perfect for all seasons, and I can definitely see it getting a lot of wear.  Not to mention, it has pockets!  Big pockets that don't add any bulk at all to the skirt - or my hips!
You can never go wrong with a skirt that has pockets!  My favourite part of this skirt is how clean it looks, inside and out!  I used my serger to clean up all the seam allowances, so there won't be any stray threads when I wash this.  I actually had a couple co-workers ask where I bought the skirt, and when I told them I made it they were super impressed! :D

The tiny curved hem also turned out really well.  I've struggled with curved hems in the past, but this tutorial from Colette (see also this tutorial from By Hand London) worked perfectly.  Initially I was thinking of using some bias tape, but I didn't have enough on hand and wasn't up to making or buying more.
Another part of this skirt that I'm really proud of is the zipper.  After sewing quite a few skirts and dresses, I've gotten the hang of sewing in invisible zippers.  Recently though, I came across this tutorial and initially scoffed at it.  The instructions call for installing the zipper my usual way, and then slipstitching down the waistband to conceal the top bit of the zipper.  I hate (read: am not good at) hand-stitching.  I will avoid it like the plague! For this skirt I thought I would give it a try, and dang was I ever wrong!  It was SO easy, and the zipper turned out great AND no hand-stitching!
 In addition to this version of the Hollyburn skirt I also made one using knit fabric.  I'll share that one in a later post!

This skirt turned out so well, I will absolutely be sewing more in the near future!