Colette Mabel Knit Pencil Skirt

Ugh, you guys.  Every fall I trick myself into thinking that pencil skirts are flattering on me.  Every fall I realize that they really are not.

Maybe I'm just wearing them wrong?  Maybe I actually need to wear heels with them and not some shabby flats?  Who knows.  Anyways, I sewed up a couple of the Colette Mabel pencil skirts, and they'll probably just hang in my closet for a bit.
These skirts were suuuuper easy to sew, both taking about 1 hour start-to-finish from cutting to hemming.  If pencil skirts are your thing, and you want to feel like you're wearing pj's to work, you should absolutely sew a few of these puppies.

I sewed up one each in black and grey, nice and neutral to pair with colourful tops.