Me-Made May Week 4 1/2 Wrap-Up!!

It's done it's done it's finally done!  Me-Made-May 2016 officially wrapped up yesterday, and while I am so happy with how it went and had so much fun seeing everyone's outfits every day, I am SO pleased that I don't have to take daily selfies anymore.  I was getting a bit too glued to my phone!

I'll have a wrap-up of the whole month and how I felt about the project coming up shortly!  I want to see if I can put together a mosaic of all the photos :)  Here's what I wore for the last three days of MMMay:

Day 29: Stripe-y linen Scout Tee (new last weekend!)
Day 30: Patterned rayon Catarina Dress (also new as of Sunday!)
Day 31: Good ol' Orange Dotted Moneta :)

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