Me-Made-May 2016 Final Wrap-Up

Well hello there!  Bit of an unintentional hiatus there... I was so blogged-out and instagrammed-out after Me-Made-May that I haven't been up to posting much, even with a big backlog of things to post! Whoops!  Anywhoo... here's a final wrap up of my first year participating in Me-Made-May.

Overall, I'm really happy with how the month went.  I managed to meet my goal of wearing at least one me-made item per day.  Some days I even wore more than one item (hence the 35 photos above)! I also wore mostly me-made pajamas every night, but I didn't bother with those selfies, unless it was the weekend and I spent the day in them ;)

For the first couple weeks it wasn't too much of a challenge to wear something me-made, especially since I wear mostly dresses to work, and I've made a whole bunch! Due to the cooler weather at the start of the month, I didn't even wear all of the dresses I have hanging in my closet.  Towards the end of the month I was getting really sick of taking mirror selfies every morning, and it was getting a bit tedious to make sure I had something me-made to wear that wasn't a repeat.  It would have been much easier had I actually sewed up the pair of Ginger Jeans I had planned, since jeans are usually my go-to for cooler days at the office.  Oh well - I'll be sure to have them done for next year!  

Fridays and other days I only had a couple different me-made tops to choose from, so there were a lot of repeats with my fishy scout tee and floral lark tee.

I definitely need more Moneta Dresses in my wardrobe.  They are such an easy go-to on mornings where I'm feeling lazy (aka - every morning).  Also, you can never go wrong with secret pajamas!!

So!  I'll definitely be participating in MMMay next year, but I'll be making sure I have some me-made jeans done, and I'll probably not take outfit selfies every day.  It was lots of fun following along on instagram with everyone, and was nice to see how some of the sewists I admire incorporate their me-mades into their wardrobes on a day-to-day basis.

Anyways - that's about it!  Here's a summary of each of the outfits I wore, week-to-week:
There are still a few items on there I haven't blogged about yet, but keep an eye out as those posts are on their way!

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