Orange Dotted Moneta

Ahh!  I'm finally getting around to posting my most recent makes.  The weather outside is GORGEOUS so I took a whole bunch of photos of various items out on our balcony.  Soo... that's why all the photos in my next few posts will be eerily similar!  So - you've seen it a bunch in my Me-Made-May posts already, but here is my Orange Dotted Moneta Dress!

I love love love love love this dress.  It's summery, flowy, and so darn comfortable.  It's like wearing secret pajamas to work!  Hence why I've been wearing it so much since making it earlier this month. I had just enough fabric to squeeze this one out... minus the pockets.  I clearly wasn't thinking when I ordered this fabric! 

One thing I don't really like about the Moneta is the neck-finishing.  For this version, I decided to do a neck band instead of turning over the neckline to hem with a double-needle.  Well... that's all well and good.... but I totally buggered this one.  It turned out OK - and if you don't know what to look for it looks fine.  I just know I could have done a much better job.

For the hem I just folded under twice, and used a twin needle with a nice orange thread.  That's about all though - not much else to say about this dress.  Here's a bunch more photos!

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