Me-Made-May 2016 Week 2 Wrap-Up

Two weeks!  We're nearly halfway there :)  Sorry I haven't had many outfit posts lately... I've been crazy busy on the weekends and haven't had much time for photos.  I have lots to share!

Anyways, here's what I wore this past week:

From top left:
Day 8: An un-finished and un-blogged grey cotton jersey Lark Tee
Day 9 (pt 1):  Orange Moneta Dress (still un-blogged)
Day 9 (pt 2): Purple Hudson Pants, grey lark tee, navy watson bra
Day 10: Fishy Scout Tee
Day 11: Navy Feather Moneta Dress
Day 12: Teal Moss Skirt
Day 13: Floral Lark Tee
Day 14 (pt 1): Constellation PJ's
Day 14 (pt 2): Mustard Lark Tee

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